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2011-2012年北京市高考英语一模、二模完型填空汇总及答案 实用版

双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2012 海淀区高三年级第二学期期末练习

北京市西城区 2012 年高三二模试卷 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分)

There’s always been a debate on whether human beings are born good or bad. Depending on how you view the world, you can think of all the crimes and injustice and conclude that we’re bad, so we need a system of laws to keep us in check. However, there are also a lot of stories of good deeds. I think we’re all born good. Today, I took a trip to South Bend to attend my friends’ wedding reception. I had 36 the night before at the forecast and it said we were going to get about 3 inches of snow, so I thought, “That’s not so 37 .” I set out on my journey and it was completely clear until I 38 to get towards Niles, M1… I was 39 with this ominous (不祥的)cloud. I thought to myself, “Hmm, this can’t be a good 40 .” Soon enough, the highway became a snow-packed wall of white. I should have remembered that such severe changes in ____41____ are common in this part of America. I then tried to get to the populous area of South Bend and got 42 in the snow, 43 to turn left onto a street. I 44 for 20 minutes to dig myself out with only a scraper(刮刀). It wasn’t a very 45 street, so I didn’t see many people. Just as I was starting to give up, a few people stopped by my car and then helped push me out of the snow bank. It was one person at first, and then a few others. Then, on the way to my destination, another lady got stuck. 46 , I got out and was 47 to offer the same help that I had received. At least five others joined me in my 48 to get her car unstuck. It is kind of storm that makes roads undrivable. South Bend 49 up getting over 3 feet of snow. In these 50 of kindness though, I was once again 51 of my belief that that all people are born good. These people didn’t have to stop and help me out. They ran the 52 of having their own cars stuck. Even for myself, it was a(an) 53 reaction to get out and push the lady’s car out too. I didn’t think about it 54 a second. I believe these situations really helped remind me that this world is a good place. Real life situations can 55 good deeds. It happened today, and it will happen again and again. 36.A. spent 37.A. late 38.A. hoped 39.A. concerned 40.A. way 41. A. weather 42.A. frozen 43.A. attempting 44.A. waited 45.A. long 46.A. Immediately 47.A. requested 48.A.efforts 49.A. made 50.A. attitudes 51.A. informed 52.A. favor 53.A. automatic 54.A. with 55. A. find B. checked B. cold B. stopped B. met B. event B. direction B. stuck B. needing B. stayed B. smooth B. Carefully B. attracted B. group B. ended B. characters B. reminded B. course B. generous B. by B. produce C. observed C. bad C. started C. involved C. result C. position C. hurt C. realizing C. insisted C. busy C. Eventually C. inspired C. donation C. came C. manners C. warned C. admire C. valuable C. for C. happen

D. looked D. far D. planned D. pointed D. sign D. system D. lost D. having D. struggled D. quiet D. Obviously D. convinced D. spirits D. grew D. acts D. told D. risk D. accurate D. in D. judge

双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京市东城区 2012 年第二学期高三综合练习(二)
完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) One Monday morning, the class were excited about the rumor that the science room was on fire over the weekend. Mr. Johnson, my fifth grade teacher ___36___ it and explained that science class would be cancelled due to the ___37___. He also warned us not to go near the room ___38___ it could be dangerous. During the morning break, Kim and I ___39___ to check out the damage. A first hand observation would make us heroes at lunch. We safely ___40__ the science room. We stood on tiptoes(脚尖) looking hard through the door window,___41___ to see what was like inside when suddenly a firm hold on our shoulders stopped us. “Where do you belong? Certainly not here!” I turned around to find a teacher staring ___42___ at us, shouting. In those frozen seconds millions of ___43___flashed through my mind. My father would kill me for disobeying teachers. ___44___ than that, my mother might be so mad that she might not stop him. My spirits ___45___ even lower when I thought of how angry Mr. Johnson would be. Soon the arresting teacher led Kim and me back to the ___46___, leaving us trembling before Mr. Johnson . But to our ___47___, there was no yelling and no anger from Mr. Johnson. ___48___, he bent slowly to look me in the eye. I was met with a look of ___49___ rather than anger. He spoke softly and carefully as he explained why he was ___50___ in my decision to go where I might have got ___51___. As I looked into the eyes of the man who could send me to unimagined consequences at home, tears ___52___ up in my eyes. The thought of disappointing Mr. Johnson ___53___ me while I felt a gentle touch of Mr. Johnson’s hand on my shoulder. I glanced up and he smiled. My ___54___ for Mr. Johnson grew greatly in the moment I discovered that he still liked me even after I’d disappointed him. I could see that he cared more about my ___55___ than the fact that I’d broken a rule. It was the first time I felt the power of forgiveness. 36. A. heard B. believed C. confirmed D. studied 37. A. fire B. rumor C. focus D. loss 38. A. unless B. because C. though D. once 39. A pretended B. asked C. decided D. hesitated 40. A. entered B. found C. examined D. reached 41. A. hanging B. trying C. happening D. waiting 42. A. angrily B. patiently C. silently D. curiously 43. A. excuses B. thoughts C. words D. feelings 44. A. Easier B. Less C. Later D. Worse 45. A. flew B. sank C. changed D. moved 46. A. school B. lab C. office D. classroom 47. A. surprise B. delight C. regret D. sorrow 48. A. However B. Therefore C. Otherwise D. Instead 49. A. concern B. guilt C. comfort D. complaint 50. A. frightened B. puzzled C. discouraged D. disappointed 51. A. hurt B. burnt C. lost D. blamed 52. A. flooded B. rushed C. welled D. rounded 53. A. shocked B. shamed C. bored D. confused 54. A. care B. hope C. desire D. love 55. A. safety B. freedom C. dignity D. behaviour


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) Last January I was given a chance to work in another country. At first, I lived a 36 life, but soon I met a group of new friends and they were really nice. Then something 37 happened. One of our friends suffered from kidney stones (肾结石), which had to be 38 surgically as soon as possible. But it was not as 39 as that! Our friend could not 40 the operation, which put him into deep 41 . I didn’t know how to help him because I didn’t have any money either. 42 , I never lost hope. Instead I tried to think of other 43 and told him not to worry because everything would be all right. Before I left the hospital, I talked to the surgeon and asked him to do the surgery, saying I would pay the expenses the next day 44 I had that kind of money. Well, I must have been 45 because the surgeon agreed to do it! But how was I going to get that much money? All I knew was that I needed to help my friend! Although it could be 46 to deal with this kind of situation, I decided to make some efforts. I tried to borrow money but failed. I tried 47 my things but no one wanted them. Then I had the idea of talking to my 48 . I asked him if I could have my next two months’ salary in advance—without even thinking on how I would 49 for two months with no money. He was surprised and asked me the reason. I told him that I had a friend who was really in need. 50 I convinced him too and then he gave my two months’ salary without any 51 ! Upon getting the money, I ran to the hospital and paid all the bills. My friend didn’t know how to thank me. I just said, “Come on! Give me a 52 !” Friendship may not only be found at the happy moment but sometimes you can find it on the 53 time in your life! I’ve done a good thing by being a (an) 54 friend and I think it is well worth the 55 . 36. A. private B. lonely C. colorful D. normal 37. A. strange B. wrong C. unexpected D. unfair 38. A. removed B. reduced C. examined D. lifted 39. A. terrible B. painful C. simple D. special 40. A. stand B. consider C. perform D.afford 41. A. anxiety B. confusion C. embarrassment D.dissatisfaction 42. A. Thus B. Otherwise C. However D. Therefore 43. A. reasons B. options C. symptoms D. expectations 44. A. even if B. as if C. so that D. in case 45. A. encouraging B. annoying C. astonishing D. convincing 46. A. challenging B. disturbing C. amazing D. scaring 47. A. saving B. handling C. donating D. selling 48. A. colleague B. relative C. boss D. surgeon 49. A. adapt B. survive C. continue D. wander 50. A. Luckily B. Slightly C. Constantly D. Occasionally 51. A. analysis B. dignity C. hesitation D. remark 52. A. favor B. hug C. promise D. reply 53. A. best B. longest C. strangest D. toughest 54. A. supportive B. sensitive C. aggressive D. attentive 55. A. tolerance B. sympathy C. pressure D. effort


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2012 海淀区高三年级第二学期期中练习
完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) When you’re a preteen, a huge problem might be that you just have to have a new rock-rap CD, 36 your parents won’t give you the money for it. I thought life was so 37 when things like this happened—until September 11, 2001. I was in P.E. when the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As soon as I got home and for weeks after, I saw the disaster 38 on TV. Seeing the innocent people running for their 39 as the debris(瓦砾) started coming down the fire and smoke rose out of the 40 brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t help imagining what the people on the 41 and in the buildings were thinking and going through, not 42 what was going on. I admired the courage of the firefighters who rushed in and risked their own lives to 43 others. It tore my heart apart to watch the 44 looks on the faces of so many people who didn’t know if their loved ones were dead or alive while 45 in all the debris. Then it 46 me: All my life I had thought mainly of myself. I had it easy in life and had been taking it all for granted. A feeling of coldness 47 down my back, and I cried just thinking of the possibility that it could have easily 48 to my family. My mom or dad could have been killed like that, and I would never, ever see them again. I began to evaluate what a real 49 in life was. This disaster 50 me that awful things can happen to anyone at any time. Now when my mom or dad or sister go somewhere, even if it’s just 51 the store, I try to remember to tell them that I love them because I know there is a 52 that I may never tell them that 53 . Not getting a new CD is not going to make or 54 my life. I can live with those kinds of problems. But losing someone I love would 55 make my life miserable. 9/11 showed me just what I am. 36. A. but B. so C. or D. for 37. A. unbelievable B. uncomfortable C. unfair D. uncertain 38. A. expand B. occur C. strike D. unfold 39. A. lives B. families C. houses D. friends 40. A. curtains B. buildings C. gates D. bedrooms 41. A. seats B. planes C. corners D. streets 42. A. believing B. thinking C. knowing D. caring 43. A. join B. save C. meet D. calm 44. A. puzzled B. severe C. dirty D. desperate 45. A. hidden B. found C. placed D. trapped 46. A. rewarded B. surprised C. hit D. told 47. A. cooled B. dropped C. ran D. passed 48. A. happened B. compared C. related D. turned 49. A. relationship B. problem C. need D. fate 50. A. taught B. reminded C. persuaded D. informed 51. A. on B. in C. at D. to 52. A. story B. doubt C. chance D. plan 53. A. again B. once C. enough D. ever 54. A. end B. change C. spare D. break 55. A. rather B. truly C. probably D. frequently


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京市西城区 2012 年高三一模试卷
英 语 试 题 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) A Good Custodian I know a woman who tries hard to be a good custodian. I pass her every day after school as she pushes her cart down my hallway.Of course, she is my building's cleaner, One Tuesday morning I came into school and saw a 36 on my desk from my custodian, It seemed that some unbearable first year students had damaged the bathroom in a particularly disgusting way and she had been 37 to clean it.This took 38 than she had expected. She had left the typewritten note on my desk to 39 for not being able to clean my room as she was 40 to do. At the beginning of the period, I shared her note with my first period 41 When I mentioned that our custodian had apologized to us, their first 42 was to volunteer to seek out and beat up those first year students for making our custodian have to clean up their 43 . It turned out that just about all of my students also knew our custodian by name -all of them responded with smiles and 44 for a long time about this time or that time when she'd 45 each of them in the hallway.That she felt she needed to apologize 46 a strong reaction from many of the kids. As the class period was about to end, I asked them to 47 the floor like I do every period and thanked them for picking up any garbage 48 it wasn't theirs.My entire class disappeared; they each disappeared instantly 49 their desks to pick up those annoying tiny pieces of paper that 50 so easily from notebooks.One girl made a (an) 51 that I later used with my other classes:" Her job might be to clean the room, but she shouldn't have to clean up 52 us.There's a difference.” I believe that people know the difference between right and wrong.I believe that people appreciate it when others 53 take care of them.And I believe that people, even adolescents who are not quite yet mature, appreciate it when they see someone who takes 54 in her work. Sometimes we need a 55 of the things we take for granted ..things like a good custodian to take care of us. . 36.A.paper B.handbook C.note D.letter 37.A.advised B.persuaded C.allowed D.charged 38.A.shorter B.longer C.mare D.less 39.A.apologize B.regret C.appeal D.complain 40.A.recommended B.believed C.approved D.scheduled 41.A.class B.colleagues C.staff D.members 42.A.answer B.reaction, C.decision D.behavior B.desks C.mess D.chaos 44.A.talked B.asked C.quarreled D.discussed 45.A.visited B.called C.praised D.greeted 46.A.made B.showed C.earned D.accepted 47.A.sweep B.examine C.check D.mop 48.A.even if B.only if C.if only D.if ever 49.A.above B.under C.beyond D.across 50.A.leave B.fall D.miss 51.A.promise B.agreement C.announcement D.comment 52.A.after B.before C.with D.for 53.A.freely B.gently C.hopefully D.sincerely 54.A.advantage B.pride C.action D.chance 55.A.keeper B.caretaker C.reminder


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京市东城区 2012 年高三一模英语试卷
完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) Little Bit “Meow, meow, meow,” is what I heard as I walked through the alley. I approached the noise and noticed a tail sticking out from under a piece of wood. Under the wood was a 36 black and white cat. I picked him up and 37 he must be freezing to death. I 38 home with the cat held in my jacket. My new best friend, who soon became known as Little Bit, received his name because he was almost 39 when I held him in my hands. He stood about five inches tall. Little Bit’s small size had a great advantage — he 40 perfectly in the pocket of my jacket, which made 41 him everywhere very easy. Any time I was home, he wouldn’t leave my 42 . He was always eager to play with me. When I fell asleep at night, he would always 43 up around my head to ensure that I was warm. Unfortunately, I grew up. My teenage life 44 my relationship with Little Bit. I lived at such a fast pace that I stopped 45 time for him. My free time was spent with my friends instead. I would come in the house on my phone and not 46 him at all. His meows became an annoyance to me, but it wasn’t his 47 that he wanted his best friend back. Time had caused a 48 to Little Bit. His body began 49 down and by the time I realized something was wrong with him, he had already lost his balance. He lay there and looked at me, and 50 this day I still remember the 51 look in his bright green eyes. I took him to the vet (兽医), but there was nothing he could do. The last time I 52 him he wasn’t the same tiny cat I had found ten years before. Little Bit filled my arms and he was put to sleep that day. Little Bit’s 53 made me realize how much he meant to me. He was always there for me when I needed him. I 54 our last years together and I feel sorry for not always being there for him. I will always 55 the special memories we made. 36. A. lovely B. tiny C. pretty D. friendly 37. A. agreed B. insisted C. realized D. proved 38. A. left B. stayed C. drove D. hurried 39. A. weightless B. useless C. breathless D. hopeless 40. A. grew B. fitted C. played D. existed 41. A. showing B. keeping C. taking D. guiding 42. A. mind B. heart C. body D. side 43. A. rise B. stand C. wake D. roll 44. A. weakened B. fastened C. deepened D. sharpened 45. A. making B. losing C. wasting D. gaining 46. A. overlook B. interrupt C. acknowledge D. recognize 47. A. desire B. purpose C. fault D. greed 48. A. fear B. loss C. delay D. concern 49. A. dropping B. tearing C. calming D. shutting 50. A. on B. to C. in D. for 51. A. shameful B. hateful C. harmful D. sorrowful 52. A. helped B. protected C. held D. cured 53. A. illness B. death C. sadness D. pressure 54. A. regret B. bother C. confuse D. dream 55. A. treasure B. admire C. evaluate D. explore


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2012 北京市朝阳区高三年级第一次综合练习
完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that I struggled with for most of my middle school years and a part of my high school years. At Riverview, 36 was usually a nightmare (噩梦) for me. As I 37 the dining hall, all the eyes would be fixed upon my bony figure. I would take my place at a table full of friends and 38 to enjoy a “normal” lunch. The 39 was that I would not always eat lunch, and that greatly 40 my friends. They would watch to make sure that I was eating properly, almost 41 food into my mouth. And then, I transferred to Madison High School. I decided not to tell anyone at that school about my eating disorder since I had almost 42 by that time. Strangely, I stopped fearing lunch when I started at Madison. No one knew that I had an eating disorder, 43 they did not care what I ate. This 44 a huge amount of stress from my life. It was still hard for me to eat in front of others, which is 45 for an anorexic, but I was able to put some of my 46 aside. I was thankful for the students at Riverview, but they knew me only as an anorexic. My friends cared about my health, but they 47 to care about me as a person. Truthfully, all I wanted was for them to 48 me and not to fix on my eating disorder. The students at Madison took the time to know who I 49 was. They had no idea that I had been an anorexic, so that a particular label (标签) did not 50 their opinions of me. I was finally 51 for my talents and achievements, not my failures. I was honored as a good student. I was no longer afraid to show my true 52 . My days as an anorexic taught me many lessons that I would never 53 . They taught me about life and how to be a better friend. I learned about the joy of 54 tasks such as eating lunch. I appreciated the people who helped me to see that there is more 55 life than having an eating disorder. 36. A. learning B. exercise C. lunchtime D. homework 37. A. left B. cleaned C. crossed D. entered 38. A. try B. offer C. remember D. stop 39. A. purpose B. attempt C. problem D. excuse 40. A. surprised B. worried C. puzzled D. bored 41. A. allowing B. forcing C. providing D. dropping 42. A. succeeded B. lost C. recovered D. quit 43. A. but B. unless C. so D. though 44. A. lifted B. created C. caused D. developed 45. A. serious B. unbelievable C. relevant D. common 46. A. fears B. desires C. beliefs D. doubts 47. A. refused B. failed C. pretended D. promised 48. A. select B. forgive C. love D. affect 49. A. really B. probably C. eventually D. merely 50. A. express B. color C. share D. confirm 51. A. determined B. identified C. envied D. recognized 52. A. responsibility B. personality C. appreciation D. ambition 53. A. forget B. review C. skip D. draw 54. A. tough B. complex C. specific D. routine 55. A. during B. to C. of D. through


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京市海淀区 2011 年第二学期英 语 试 题
完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) It was her giggling that drew my attention.Note taking really wasn't all that funny. Walking over to the offender, I asked for the 36 .Frozen, she refused to give it to me.I waited, all attention in the classroom on the quiet 37 between teacher and student.When she finally 38 it over she whispered, "Okay, but I didn't draw it." It was a hand-drawn _39_ of me, teeth blackened and the words "I'm stupid" coming out of my mouth. I managed to fold it up calmly.My mind, 40 , was working angrily as I struggled not to 41 . figured I knew the two most likely candidates for drawing the picture.It would do them some 42 to teach them a lesson, and maybe it was high time that I did it! Thankfully, I was able to keep myself 43 . When there were about six minutes remaining, I showed the class the picture.They were all silent as I told them how 44 this was for me.I told them there must be a reason 45 and now was their chance to write down anything they needed t( tell me.Then 1 let them write silently while I sniffed in the back of the classroom. As I 46 the notes later, many of them said something like, "I've got nothing against you," or "I'm sorry you were hurt." Some kids said, "We're _47_ of you." But two notes, from the girls who I _48__ were behind the picture, had a list of issues.I was too 49 , too strict… Reading those notes, I realized that over the course of this year, instead of _50 my students, I had begu n commanding then to _51_.Where I thought I was driving them to success I was _52__ driving them away. I had some apologizing to do.But the next day in the classroom, one boy and one girl each handed me a card.The one _53_ by all the boys expressed sincere regret for the ugly joke.The one from the girls asked for 54 . This was a lesson for both the kids and me. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the 55 . 36.A.note B.advice C.reason 37.A.battle B.competition C.argument D.conversation 38.A.took B.thought C.turned D.handed 39.A.statue B.graph C.picture D.poster 40.A.otherwise B.however C.therefore D.besides 41.A.leave B.cry C.explain D.argue 42.A.good B.harm C.favor D.punishment 43.A.amused B.controlled C.uninterested D.relaxed 44.A.meaningful B.forgetful C.regretful D.hurtful 45.A.aside B.above C.beneath D.behind 46.A.wrote B.finished D.collected 47.A.proud B.fond C.afraid D.ashamed 48.A.figured B.promised C.concluded D.confirmed 49.A.talkative B.mean C.clumsy D.considerate 50.A.forcing B.encouraging C.comforting D .teaching 51.A.appreciate B.apologize promise D.achieve 52.A.actually B.normally C.immediately D.generally 53.A.decorated B.offered C.signed D.bought 54.A.thankfulness B.forgiveness C.compensation D.communication 55.A.friendship C.knowledge D.future


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京市西城区 2011 年高三二模试卷 英 语 试 题 2011.5
完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Tried and exhausted, I came back home from work. I found the front door was 36 open and I felt a little scared. Did I carelessly forget to lock it after I left? I looked around 37 to see what could be 38 . Why would someone come into my home only to 39 with nothing? After searching every inch, I realized that everything was 40 I had left it. No 41 cushions, broken lamps, or 42 emptied out on the carpet. Feeling much 43 . I looked out my oversized window of my dinning room at Ms. Sullivan’s house. Jimmy, the little boy next door was visiting her. Jimmy cared a lot about Ms. Sullivan and was very concerned with her health after she became ill. She used to 44 Jimmy when he was just a baby. Forgetting about the 45 with my front door, I decided to walk over to Ms. Sullivan’s house to see how she was 46 . With a warm hello, she invited me into her home. I noticed twelve beautiful roses delicately presented on the table next to her bed. They looked exactly like the 47 on my dinning room table in front of my oversized window. With a pleasant smile, she told me Jimmy brought them to her as a “get-well gift”. Suddenly Jimmy 48 out of his seat in an instant and said that he had to go home for a while to do some homework but he promised to be back to 49 up on Ms. Sullivan. Talking for a while, Ms. Sullivan began to get very tired so I gave her my phone number in case she 50 needed help, and left her home. I thought about how 51 it was for little Jimmy to be so concerned for Ms. Sullivan. I got home, laughing at how 52 I was that morning about what had happened over 53 . I walked passed the dinning room and noticed my roses 54 in the vase were missing. Without a second 55 , I glanced out the window at Ms. Sullivan’s house and with a smile on my face I turned off the light in the room and went to sleep. The next morning my door bell rang. I opened the door Jimmy was there… 36.A.easily B.slowly C.slightly D.silently 37.A.tensely B.patiently C.eagerly D.calmly 38.A.burning B.losing C.lacking D.missing 39.A.get C.steal D.leave 40.A.what B.where C.that 41.A.worn B.changed C.unwashed D.overturned 42.A.lockers B.kettles C.drawers D.coats 43.A.eased B.angry C.surprised D.curious B.guard C.follow D.visit 45.A.accident B.experience C.incident D.condition 46.A.working B.doing C.sleeping D.acting 47.A.lamps B.vases C.roses 48.A.stood B.ran C.stepped D.jumped 49.A.look B.check C.pick 50.A.ever B.still C.only D.just B.sensitive C.sweet D.thankful 52.A.strange B.nervous C.careless D.wrong 53.A.everything B.something C.anything D.nothing 54.A.growing B.sitting C.lying D.arranging 55.A.thought B.intention C.expectation D.delay


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2011 北京市东城区年第二学期高三综合练习(二)
完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) “You will never walk again.You will have to use a wheelchair.” I heard his 36 fall heavily on my ears, numbing my soul.If I had never felt hopeless before, I felt hopeless then. The car accident has left me unconscious. When 37 , I found both legs in casts 石膏) While I had ( . other serious injuries, my 38 were my first concern.Working as a special needs teacher and busy and active by nature, I couldn’t imagine being 39 in a wheelchair. Lying in my bed, I wondered how I 40 give my ten-year-old son hope that mom would 41 .He’d been cheerful on every visit, but I saw 42 in his eyes. He needed the ray of hope that I would not be in a wheelchair forever. Just maybe, I thought, I could use this experience to teach him what to do when misfortune 43 . It didn’t take me long to become 44 with my limited movements and even with the pace the doctors were willing to go with me.I was determined to learn everything they showed me. Every night in my private room, as soon as I knew I wouldn’t be 45 or discovered, I would move myself from the bed to the floor, 46 on to the bed rail(床栏杆) for dear life, and slowly putting my weight 47 my feet.After several weeks of such difficult 48 , my strength and confidence continued to 49 . It came the time to share my accomplishments with the person most 50 to me.One night, when I heard my son greet the nurses at the station, I 51 myself up.As he opened the door, I took a few small steps. 52 , he could only watch as I turned and started back to bed.All of the pain, the fear, and the struggle 53 as I heard the words I had longed to hear, “Mommy, you can walk!” I am now able to walk alone, sometimes using a stick.I am able to take public transportation to shop and visit friends.My life has been blessed with many 54 of which I am proud.But none has ever brought me the satisfaction and joy 55 by those four little words of my son. 36.A.words C.explanations D.decision 37.A.hit B.awakened C.asked D.discovered 38.A.legs B.parents C.activities D.surroundings 39.A.placed B.caught C.carried D.stuck 40.A.might B.should C.could D.must 41.A.change B.recover C.adjust D.succeed 42.A.curiosity B.surprise C.fear D.puzzle 43.A.strikes B.passes C.continues D.remains 44.A.familiar B.strict C.discouraged D.impatient 45.A.punished B.interrupted C.accepted D.protected 46.A.falling B.setting C.holding 47.A.through D.on 48.A.efforts B.lessons C.acts D.curs 49.A.appear B.survive D.add 50.A.useful B.important C.popular D.pleasant 51.A.opened B.dressed C.woke D.dragged 52.A.Disappointed B.Embarrassed C.Frightened D.Shocked 53.A.faded B.spread C.backed D.sank 54.A.expectations B.challenges C.achievements D.supports 55.A.proved B.offered C.taught D.suggested


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2011 北京市朝阳区高三年级第一次综合练习
完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) While Andrew was getting ready for work one Friday morning, he announced to his wife that he had finally decided to ask his boss for a salary raise. All day Andrew felt __36__ as he thought about the upcoming showdown(摊牌). What if Mr. Larchmont __37__ his request? Andrew had worked so hard in the last 18 months and __38__ winning a contract which was difficult to get for Braer and Hopkins Advertising Agency. __39__, he should get a salary raise. The thought of walking into Mr. Larchmont’s office left Andrew weak __40__ the knees. Late in the afternoon he was finally __41__ enough to approach his superior. To his delight and __42__, the ever-frugal (一惯节省的) Harvey Larchmont __43__ to give Andrew a raise! Andrew arrived home that evening—despite breaking all city and state speed limits—to a beautiful table __44__ with their best china, and candles lit. His wife, Tina, had prepared a delicate meal including his favorite dishes. Immediately he __45__ someone from the office had told her the news. Next to his plate Andrew found a beautiful __46__. It was from his wife. It read: “Congratulations, my love! I knew you’d get the raise! I prepared this dinner to show __47__ how much I love you. I am so __48__ of your accomplishments!” He read it and stopped to reflect on how sensitive and caring Tina was. After dinner, Andrew was on his way to the kitchen to get dessert when he observed that a second card had __49__ out of Tina’s pocket onto the floor. He bent forward to pick it up. It read: “Don’t __50__ about not getting the raise! You do __51__ one! You are a wonderful provider and I prepared this dinner to show you how much I love you __52__ you did not get the increase.” Suddenly tears welled in Andrew’s eyes. Total __53__! Tina’s support for him was not __54__ upon his success at work. The fear of __55__ is often softened and we can face almost any difficulty when we know someone loves us regardless of our success or failure. 36. A. nervous B. strange C. silly D. upset 37. A. followed B. considered C. refused D. forgot 38. A. suggested B. imagined C. missed D. succeeded 39. A. Totally B. Obviously C. Eventually D. Constantly 40. A. by B. in C. with D. for 41. A. active B. smart C. brave D. patient 42. A. surprise B. embarrassment C. sorrow D. disappointment 43. A. hesitated B. demanded C. forbade D. agreed 44. A. covered B. made C. decorated D. set 45. A. confirmed B. proved C. figured D. admitted 46. A. card B. box C. cheque D. flower 47. A. even B. almost C. nearly D. just 48. A. ashamed B. fond C. proud D. scared 49. A. appeared B. slipped C. escaped D. spread 50. A. argue B. worry C. talk D. concern 51. A. deserve B. prefer C. ignore D. appreciate 52. A. so that B. in case C. as if D. even though 53. A. satisfaction B. assistance C. acceptance D. commitment 54. A. temporary B. conditional C. flexible D. subjective 55. A. rejection B. challenge C. distrust D. punishment


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京市丰台区 2011 年第二学期高三综合练习(二模)
完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) “We expected our first child to be perfect.” Most parents have thought so. I know that' s what I 36 with our oldest son, Joe. would be perfect. would sail through 37 He Joe from learning ABC' s to being awarded a Ph.D. . Joe, 38 , had other ideas. He was always a 39 kid.He wasn't the kind of boy who threw 40 at passing cars on a freezing winter day or who dropped water balloons on the mailman during the heat of August. But he wasn't perfect. Especially when it came to that nice little 41 that I had about sailing through school.From the day Joe started kindergarten he struggled—with scissors and handwriting and math.Always 42 . He passed each grade with great 43 , never at the top of his class. How I 44 friends who had children with the "math gene".A mom told me her daughter was doing high school algebra while in the sixth grade.Another mom said her son had just taken first place in the district' s annual Math Challenge. After hearing these stories, I would look at Joe and 45 : Why didn't we raise a mathematical talent? How is he ever going to get into 46 if he does not get better at math? Needless to say, my motherly 47 never really amounted to much.Does it ever? Moms tend to worry and worry, while whatever they' re worrying about usually 48 on its own. During high school, Joe slowly 49 at math.He got through algebra I & II, and geometry, our state requirements for math.I felt greatly 50 at his little achievement.Then he announced that he' d take pre - calculus (微积分) in his last year of high school, which 51 me a lot. "Why?" I questioned. " Because I need to keep my skills up," he explained." I 52 math, but I need to take it so I don' t forget how to do it." "For college, " he added."I want to do really well in college, Mom.I know it will be 53_,but I think it' s important that I try to do my best." My oldest son wasn't perfect.He wasn't a math talent, either.But he knew what was important: he was focusing on his 54 while I was worrying over his past.And that, to me, is even better than being 55 . 36.A.worked B.expected C.continued D.showed B.books C.experience D.situations 38.A.however B.therefore C.fortunately D.obviously 39.A.careful B.proud C.good D.happy B.clothes D.snowballs 41.A.belief B.fantasy C.interest D.enthusiasm B.scissors C.handwriting D.math 43.A.effort B.attention C.pleasure D.ambition 44.A.respected B.supported C.trusted D.envied 45.A.consider B.imagine C.wonder D.wish 46.A.job C.society B.doubt C.worry D.guidance 48.A.pauses B.comes C.declines D.disappears 49.A.developed B.improved C.advanced D.achieved 50.A.hopeful B.grateful C.relieved D.amused 51.A.moved B.inspired C.satisfied D.surprised B.hate C.prefer D.choose 53.A.hard B.boring C.necessary D.beneficial B.major C.future 55.A.perfect B.intelligent C.successful D.confident


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

北京石景山区 2011 年高三统一测试

完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

Sharon wrote this when she was 16 and in the llth grade.Her goal is to become an international diplomat (外交官) and peace-maker. It was my first day at school.I felt __36___ and scared.I went to all my classes with no _37_ .It felt like no one _38__. listened anxiously to all the lessons and waited for lunch __39_ I finally the bell rang.It was time to talk and have though I am So I 43 41 40 . 42 when she said, "Sit-with us, at our table. " at 1:00. Then

In the lunch line I met a new friend who wore a hijab (穆斯林妇女戴的面纱) on her head, and . got along fine, and I was so we She pointed to the one next to the door. ,and took my tray and was _44_ to walk with her across the floor, when suddenly I felt a jog."Hey, I saw you on the bus," said a tall girl in a long skirt."I see your Jewish star necklace.You _45_ sit with us." At that moment I looked around, and that's when I 47 46 ,to my surprise, the nations of the world, themselves.That's what I saw through my own eyes. The Spanish only sat with Spanish, the Hindus only with Hindus, the Russians always with the Russians, and _48_ the Arabs with the Jews. I saw the reason why 49 got started.Everyone 50 to their own kind.The 51_ was just like a map of the world, where there should never have been so much separation among nations.But why was everyone so _52_? And so I turned _53__ this girl, and went with the first, and there was no offence, I built a between two worlds when I sat with those 36.A.nervous 37.A.relatives 38.A.cared 39.A.hours 41.A.Spanish 42.A.curious 43.A.allowed 44.A.about 45.A.might 46.A.saw 47.A.developing 48.A.only 49.A.dialogues 50.A.stuck 52.A.quiet 53.A.down 54.A.stage 55.A.opposite B.generous B.teachers B.mattered B.stop B.Arab B.relieved B.adopted B.ready B.would B.noticed B.expanding B.always B.friendships B.catered B.classroom B.blind B.towards B.platform B.different 55 from me. C.frightened C.friends C.understood C.period C.Russian C.worried C.agreed C.willing C.could C.knew C.separating C.sometimes C.wars C.turned C.deaf C.bridge C.strange D.excited D.classmates D.helped D.break D.lunch D.Jewish D.serious D.admitted D.likely D.should D.recognized D.defending D.never D.arguments D.listened D.lunchroom D.tough D.up D.path D.apart 54


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2009 年普通高校招生统一考试北京卷(英语)
完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) James’s New Bicycle James shook his money box again. Nothing! He carefully __36__ the coins that lay on the bed. $24.52 was all that he had. The bicycle he wanted was at least $90! __37__ on earth was he going to get the __38__ of the money? He knew that his friends all had bicycles. It was __39__ to hang around with people when you were the only one without wheels. He thought about what he could do. There was no __40__ asking his parents, for he knew they had no money to __41__. There was only one way to get money, and that was to __42__ it. He would have to find a job. __43__ who would hire him and what could he do? He decided to ask Mr. Clay for advice, who usually had __44__ on most things. “Well, you can start right here,” said Mr. Clay. “My windows need cleaning and my car needs washing.” That was the __45__ of James’s odd-job(零工) business. For three months he worked every day after finishing his homework. He was amazed by the __46__ of jobs that people found for him to do. He took dogs and babies for walks, cleared out cupboards, and mended books. He lost count of the __47__ of cars he washed and windows he cleaned, but the __48__ increased and he knew that he would soon have __49__ for the bicycle he longed for. The day __50__ came when James counted his money and found $94.32. He __51__ no time and went down to the shop to pick up the bicycle he wanted. He rode __52__ home, looking forward to showing his new bicycle to his friends. It had been hard __53__ for the money, but James knew that he valued his bicycle far more __54__ he had bought it with his own money. He had __55__what he thought was impossible, and that was worth even more than the bicycle. 36. A. cleaned B. covered C. counted D. checked 37. A. How B. Why C. Who D. What 38. A. amount B. part C. sum D. rest 39. A. brave B. hard C. smart D. unfair 40. A. point B. reason C. result D. right 41. A. split B. spend C. spare D. save 42. A. borrow B. earn C. raise D. collect 43. A. Or B. So C. For D. But 44. A. decisions B. experience C. opinions D. knowledge 45. A. beginning B. introduction C. requirement D. opening 46. A. similarity B. quality C. suitability D. variety 47. A. brand B. number C. size D. type 48. A. effort B. pressure C. money D. trouble 49. A. all B. enough C. much D. some 50. A. finally B. instantly C. normally D. regularly 51. A. gave B. left C. took D. wasted 52. A. patiently B. proudly C. silently D. tiredly 53. A. applying B. asking C. looking D. working 54. A. since B. if C. than D. though 55. A. deserved B. benefited C. achieved D. learned


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(北京卷) 英语试卷

I met Mrs. Neidl in the ninth grade on a stage-design team for a play and she was one of the directors. Almost instantly I loved her. She had an Unpleasant voice and a direct way of speaking, she was encouraging and inspiring. For some reason, she was impressed with my work and me. Mrs. Neidl would ask me for my began to respond to her 37 . She wanted to know how I thought we should 39 38 41 things. At first I had no idea how to answer because I knew about stage design! But I slowly 42 I was, 36

40 . It was cause and effect: She believed I had opinions, so I began to

them. She trusted me to complete things, so I completed them perfectly. She loved how Mrs. Neidl's 43 that year was, "Try it. We can always paint over it 47 create something. 48 in the program

so I began to show up to paint more and more. She believed in me, so I began to believe in myself. 44 !"I began to take 46 upon. I 45 . I had been so afraid of failing but suddenly there was no failing--only things to be learned to dip my brush into the paint and The shy, quiet freshman achieved success that year. I was wanted to spend the rest of my life doing stage design. Being on that stage-design team hadn't known existed. She taught me not to take chances and not be 36. A. and 37. A. opinion 38. A. make 39. A. anything 40. A. questions 41. A. hold 42. A. happy 43. A. message 44. A. again 45. A. steps 46. A. improved 47. A. easily 48. A. introduced 49. A. confirmed 50. A. with 51. A. developed 52. A. accept 53. A. bored 54. A. trust 55. A. accessible inspired me to do things that I never imagined B. yet B. impression B. keep B. something B. comments B. follow B. lively B. motto B. more B. control B. acted B. carefully B. recognized B. decided B. below B. discovered B. care B. lazy B. patience B. enjoyable 50 52 Mrs. Neidl changed me completely. Not only was I 51 a strong interest and a world I 54 in me has what people think I should do: She taught me to stronger and more competent than I had thought, but I also

as "Student Art Assistant" because of the time and effort I'd put in. It was that year that I



53 . Mrs. Neidl was my comforter when I was upset. Her 55 . C. so C. information C. handle C. everything C. explanations C. evaluate C. reliable C. saying C. instead C. charge C. looked C. confidently C. identified C. realized C. of C. took C. judge C. sad C. curiosity C. possible D. for

D. intention D. change D. nothing D. remarks D. form D. punctual D. suggestion D. later D. risks D. reflected D. proudly D. considered D. acknowledged D. by D. fostered D. wonder D. afraid D. interest D. favorable


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

2011 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试

完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) I used to hate being called upon in class mainly because I didn’t like attention drawn to myself. And 36 otherwise assigned(指定)a seat by the teacher, I always 37 to sit at the back of the classroom. All this 38 after I joined a sports team. It began when a teacher suggested I try out for the basketball team. At first I thought it was a crazy 39 because I didn’t have a good sense of balance, nor did I have the 40 to keep pace with the others on the team and they would tease me. But for the teacher who kept insisting on my “ 41 for it”, I wouldn’t have decided to give a try. Getting up the courage to go to the tryouts was only the 42 of it! When I first started 43 the practice sessions, I didn’t even know the rules of the game, much 44 what I was doing. Sometimes I’d get 45 and take a shot at the wrong direction—which made me feel really stupid. 46 , I wasn’t the only one “new” at the game, so I decided to 47 on learning the game, do my best at each practice session, and not be too hard on myself for the things I didn’t 48 “just yet”. I practiced and practiced. Soon I knew the 49 and the “moves”. Being part of a team was fun and motivating. Very soon the competitive 50 in me was winning over my lack of confidence. With time, I learned how to play and made friends in the 51 — friends who respected my efforts to work hard and be a team player. I never had so much fun! With my 52 self-confidence comes more praise from teachers and classmates. I have gone from “53” in the back of the classroom and not wanting to call attention to myself, 54 raising my hand— even when I sometimes wasn’t and not 100 percent 55 I had the right answer. Now I have more self-confidence in myself. 36. A. as B. until C. unless D. though 37. A. hoped B. agreed C. meant D. chose 38. A. continued B. changed C. settled D. started 39. A. idea B. plan C. belief D. saying 40. A. right B. chance C. ability D. patience 41. A. going B. looking C. cheering D. applying 42. A. point B. half C. rest D. basis 43. A. enjoying B. preparing C. attending D. watching 44. A. less B. later C. worse D. further 45. A. committed B. motivated C. embarrassed D. confused 46. A. Interestingly B. Fortunately C. Obviously D. hopefully 47. A. focus B. act C. rely D. try 48. A. want B. do C. support D. know 49. A. steps B. orders C. rules D. games 50. A. roles B. part C. mind D. value 51. A. process B. operation C. movement D. situation 52. A. expressed B. improved C. preserved D. recognized 53. A. dreaming B. playing C. relaxing D. hiding 54. A. by B. for C. with D. to 55. A. lucky B. happy C. sure D. satisfied


双流中学高 2013 级完形填空天天练

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