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南京师大附中 2015-2016 学年度第 1 学期 高二年级期中考试英语试卷 第一节 单项选择 (共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. -- Why don't we save ourselves the trouble and use the stairs, Steven? -- Come on! Man invented the lift so that we don’t have to act like cavemen. -- Ok, Steven, if you ______ insist on being lazy. A. can B. should C. shall D. must 22. ______ ―killer robots‖ can help reduce battlefield deaths, they may also make countries more likely to go into battle, which will lead to more deaths. A. Whether B. Where C. While D. What 23. Students living off campus ______ pay a little less for housing than students living in college dormitories, but their cost of transportation is higher. A. in general B. in addition C. in demand D. in need 24. It is required that food makers remove trans fats from products, since trans fats are not widely ______ as safe. A. adopted B. harvested C. recognized D. operated 25. Desertification, the name for ______ happens when land ______ can be used to grow crops turns into desert, is a growing world problem. A. which; that B. what; how C. what; that D. how; which 26. The Three-Body Problem has quickly become the best-selling Asian work of literature on, ______ that China also has a successful science fiction scene. A. proving B. to prove C. to be proved D. will prove 27. As Alan Turing believed, a computer would deserve ______ intelligent if it could fool a human into believing that it was human. A. called B. to be called C. having been called D. calls 28. During the heated discussion, I ______ that blogs are better than books for their convenience, lower price, and larger range of writing. A. picked out B. worked out C. ran out D. pointed out 29. The university is saving $300,000 per year by its energy ______ efforts, aimed to build a more energy-efficient university. A. consumption B. conservation C. consideration D. correction 30. These measures include better administration of areas that are likely to turn into desert, and ______ people in how to use water without wasting it. A. train B. to train C. training D. trained 31. -- Good day, Bell Electronics. This is Jane speaking. How may I help you today? -- Oh… uh, I ______ Myers Icecream Company. Sorry about that. A. looked for B. am looking for C. was looking for D. have been looking for 32. ______ with what may be his most impossible mission yet, Hunt gets together his team and joins forces with Ilsa Faust, a female former British secret agent. A. Facing B. Having faced C. Faced D. To face 33. He doesn’t own an NBA championship ring, ______ in the face with champagne(香槟) after the NBA finals. A. he has neither been sprayed B. nor has he been sprayed C. either has he been sprayed D. so he has been sprayed


34. Considering the fact that the relationship between neighbors in rural area is closer than ______ in cities, I prefer to live in the countryside. A. that B. the one C. those D. them 35. In Alice Munro’s novel, Carla, trapped in a bad marriage, ______, decides to flee. A. her unhappiness built into desperation B. her unhappiness has built into desperation C. her unhappiness building into desperation D. her unhappiness builds into desperation 第二节 完型填空 (共 20 小题;每题 1 分,满分 20 分) With their visas in hand and their bags packed, students may feel prepared for their study abroad experiences. __36__ once they set foot in foreign lands, some students realize that they don’t have the skills to communicate their thoughts and feelings in their __37__ culture. Guo Yichen, a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, observed a(an) __38__ of poor communication during her time abroad. When Guo first got to the US, she stayed in the house of a 63-year-old lady, with another Chinese girl. Guo and her housemate were __39__ to take turns tidying up the bathroom. But the housemate never __40__, because she didn’t know how. Her mother had always cleaned the bathroom for her back home. And when the landlord asked about it, the housemate __41__ replied, ―I never needed to do housework back home, and I won’t do it here __42__.‖ ―I was shocked by how __43__ her answer was,‖ said Guo. ―She could have explained it in a better way.‖ It was __44__ surprise that the girl was asked to move out almost immediately. In fact, ―difficulty in __45__‖ is among the three major psychological problems that ZMN Education, an agency on overseas education, __46__ among Chinese students studying abroad, the other two being ―fear of class discussion‖ and ―fear of homework based on critical thinking‖. A professor at the University of California, Berkeley, once told the agency that many of his Chinese students only came to see him when they got __47__ scores. They should have talked to him after each class to get a better grade __48__, he said. According to the agency, studying abroad itself may trigger(引发) certain mental problems because it is a ―__49__ and stressful shift to new environments and __50__‖. It has been found that students are 23 times more likely to __51__ a mental health condition than business travelers headed abroad. And during this period of major life transitions(过渡), __52__ better communication skills is particularly vital. It helps you get assistance and solve problems. Students need to understand the value of empathy – the effective awareness of the emotions of others–as well as __53__ themselves clearly, especially in cross-cultural communications. It would be better if students participate in a(an) __54__ abroad program during vacations before trying year-long overseas study. That way, they could have __55__ coping with a strange world independently. A. And B. Therefore C. But D. Otherwise 37. A. unique B. host C. national D. superb 38. A. conflict B. trial C. debate D. case 39. A. appreciated B. represented C. fueled D. supposed 40. A. bought her story B. did her part C. kept her word D. followed her heart


41. A. actually B. eventually C. pleasantly D. simply 42. A. either B. rather C. too D. neither 43. A. sensitive B. serious C. straightforward D. stubborn 44. A. great B. no C. major D. exact 45. A. communication B. explanation C. opposition D. indication 46. A. impressed B. ignored C. identified D. inspired 47. A. unfortunate B. unsatisfactory C. unwelcome D. unequal 48. A. in the first place B. in other words C. in this case D. in the end 49. A. similar B. superb C. sudden D. sensitive 50. A. influences B. routines C. manners D. policies 51. A. result from B. benefit from C. suffer from D. flee from 52. A. tolerating B. simplifying C. requesting D. developing 53. A. expressing B. blaming C. committing D. advancing 54. A. affordable B. long-distance C. short-term D. trustworthy 55. A. difficulty B. experience C. leadership D. survival 第三节:阅读理解 (共 16 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 24 分) A When it comes to romance, no one does it better than the French. This is believed to be true of their movies, too. Unlike the Hollywood blockbusters(大片) you may be used to, French films are ―usually a more artistic statement about being in the world‖, noted The Guardian. From Oct 8 to Oct 29, in cooperation with the French embassy(大使馆) in China, the China Film Archive and China National Film Museum are presenting classic and critically acclaimed(备受 赞誉的) French movies, including Le Havre (2011), Mia et le Migou (2008), and Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902). Sha Dan, curator(策展人) of the China Film Archive, explained to the media what to expect from the film series, and revealed how first-time viewers can best appreciate French movies. Q: Why should I watch French movies? A: French films have a lot of virtues. For one thing, they use dialogue and plot, instead of visual effects, to drive the story. For another, they stress diversity(多元). While Hollywood movies are often about universal values, French movies have French culture or regional cultures deeply rooted in them. You have to understand them in their cultural context. That’s what sometimes makes French movies difficult to understand. Q: How can a Chinese audience appreciate French movies? A: You need to get used to their way of filming. When shooting two people talking to each other, the traditional way is to film each person face-forward as they take turns speaking. However, French movies are filmed in more experimental ways, like switching from a close shot to a long shot. Also, you should search for background information. The movie’s title and its director can reflect its ideas and storyline. For example, Les Enfants du Paradis (1945), also known as Children of Paradise, tells the story of beautiful Garance and the four men who love her in their own ways. Garance meets these men in a theater, and the ―Paradis‖ in the movie title is an informal French name for a theater’s gallery. 56. What is the author’s purpose in writing this text? A. To recommend some classic French movies.


B. To help readers to better appreciate French movies. C. To compare French movies with Hollywood blockbusters. D. To describe the development and features of French movies in great detail. 57. Which of the following is a characteristic of French movies? A. They are often about universal values. B. They usually have really good visual effects. C. They attach a lot of importance to French culture and French regional cultures. D. They are sometimes hard to understand because of their complex plots. 58. Which of the following is TRUE about French movies according to the text? A. They are mostly romances and are usually artistic. B. They often involve more close shots than long shots. C. They prefer to use the traditional way of shooting two people talking to each other. D. Their titles and directors can help viewers learn background information. B Many of us remember being in awe(敬畏) when we saw cloned dinosaurs running wild in the film Jurassic Park. And the idea of using technology to revive(恢复) extinct species has long fascinated not only writers and directors, but scientists as well. According to The Telegraph, woolly mammoths(长毛猛犸象), which featured in the popular Ice Age animated movie series, ―may walk the earth once more‖ now that scientists have taken another step toward realizing a long-held dream—recreating their DNA. Mammoths became extinct around 10,000 years ago. However, since the discovery of near-perfect preserved remains in Arctic permafrost(北极冻土带) in May 2013, a variety of research studies have been carried out since. Geneticists from Harvard University analyzed DNA from the remains, looking for genes which separated mammoths from elephants, such as hairiness and ear size. They then used the results to reproduce exact copies of 14 mammoth genes. ―It is the first time that mammoth genes have been alive—although so far it has only been done in the lab,‖ George Church, lead researcher of the project, told the Sunday Times. Church then used a new technique which allows scientists to edit DNA carefully, replacing sections of elephant DNA with the mammoth genes. So ―we now have functioning elephant cells with mammoth DNA in them,‖ he said. However, Church ruled out the possibility of bringing the mammoths back to life via cloning from frozen remains. He said he ―preferred to focus on rebuilding the full mammoth genome(基因组) by analyzing DNA from preserved remains and putting it into the cells of its closest living relative – the Asian elephant,‖ reported The Telegraph. Church argued that the return of the woolly mammoth—or rather, the return of something very similar—could help bring back fragile(脆弱的) ecosystems. However, some scientists believe that bringing back the mammoth would be unethical. Professor Alex Greenwood, an expert on ancient DNA, said: ―We may face the extinction of African and Asian elephants. Why bring back another elephant from extinction when we cannot even keep the ones that are not extinct around?‖ he told the Sunday Times. ―What is the message? We can be as irresponsible with the environment as we want. Then we’ll just clone things back?‖ ―Money would be better spent focusing on conserving what we do have than spending it on an animal that has been extinct for thousands of years,‖ he said.


59. We can learn from the article that ______. A. cloned mammoths followed cloned dinosaurs to get revived B. the technology to revive mammoth genes is already mature C. George Church and his colleagues tried to reproduce mammoth DNA D. Church and his team managed to list all the genes that separate mammoths from elephants 60. According to Church, what is the significance of his study? A. It could help prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant. B. It could help people better tell elephant DNA from mammoth genes. C. It could help bring back some extinct species and save fragile ecosystems. D. It could help bring mammoths back to life via cloning from frozen remains. 61. The underlined word ―unethical‖ in Paragraph 7 is closest in meaning to ______. A. unacceptable B. misled C. impractical D. illegal 62. According to the article, Professor Alex Greenwood believes that _______. A. there is no need to worry about the extinction of African and Asian elephants at present B. it’s necessary to bring back species that are beneficial to human beings from extinction C. the return of the woolly mammoth would help to balance ecosystems D. it’s more important to protect present species than to bring back extinct ones C Each year, 500 million people from 164 countries celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June. It may seem like there is not much that an individual can do to save the world, but there is. One of the first steps is to understand the problems and their solutions. Try to learn about your ecosystem, endangered animals and pollution. If you are well-informed, you can make better decisions about how to save energy and produce less waste. You can also learn how to be a better consumer and not buy products made from endangered animals or which have too much packaging. Also share your concerns with others and find ways to promote environmental education. Help educate people in your community about ways in which they can help protect the environment. The Earth is our only home. We should take good care of it. Recycle Make a list of all the things you can recycle at home and at school and start recycling. In some cases, you can sell the things you recycle. In others, you can turn unwanted items into something useful for another purpose, such as using old plastic bottles for growing plants. Most bottles and jars contain at least 25% recycled glass. And recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy needed to make aluminum from bauxite ore. Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 26,000 liters of water, 1,700 liters of oil, 266 kilograms of air pollution and 2.3 cubic meters of rubbish dump space. Use less energy The easiest way to save energy is to cycle or walk whenever possible instead of using public transportation. At home and at school, you should only use electric lights and electrical appliances when you need them. There are many other less obvious ways of saving energy. For example, try to ask your mum to buy food which has been grown locally. Why? When people buy food from far away, it takes extra energy to package and ship it by boat, train, truck or plane. Save water You can save water by helping your Dad repair leaking pipes and toilets. Take short showers instead of baths. Some waste water from baths can be used for other purposes, such as watering plants or


washing outdoor spaces. It is important to help preserve the local water quality by not pouring dangerous household chemicals down the drain or into the ground. Dispose of them properly. 63. The target readers of this passage could mostly probably be ________. A. housewives B. car drivers C. businessmen D. students 64. Which of the following is NOT mentioned to protect the Earth? A. Don't buy products made from endangered animals. B. Don't buy food produced in faraway places. C. Don't order more than you can eat at a restaurant. D. Don't buy goods with heavy packaging. 65. According to the passage, the underlined words ―bauxite ore‖ in the third paragraph refers to ________. A. a metal which can be used to make cans B. a mineral from which a certain metal can be obtained C. a container in which a certain material can be stored D. a matter which can be used to produce energy 66. Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A. You can do these! B. Recycling to save the Earth C. Celebrate the World Environment Day! D. Use less water and energy D Charles Dickens was one of the most beloved storytellers in the English language. His novels made him famous in his own time, and continue as classics in ours. Dickens began his literary career with almost no formal education. He was born in Landport, on Feb. 7, 1812, the second of eight children. When he was 12, his father was sent to debtor's prison. Dickens was forced to quit school and work in a London blacking factory. He would rework that terrible experience into his fiction for the rest of his life. ―He was a social reformer,‖ says actor Simon Callow, author of a new biography called Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World. ―He knew what poverty was. He knew what it was to be rejected, to be cast aside, to live in squalor(悲惨).‖ And so Dickens wrote with great sympathy for the suffering of innocent and vulnerable(易受 攻击的) children—characters like David Copperfield, Little Dorrit and the orphan, Oliver Twist: With his slice of bread in his hand, and his little brown parish cap on his head, Oliver was now led away from the wretched(苦难的) home, where one kind word or look never lighted the gloom of his infant(幼儿) days. Yet he burst into an agony of childish grief as the cottage gate closed after him. Wretched as were the little companions in misery he was now leaving behind him, they were the only friends he had ever had. His first book Sketches by Boz came out in 1836. With the appearance of Oliver Twist in London periodicals in 1837, the 25-year-old Dickens became the most popular writer in England. But his first love was theater, and he considered becoming an actor. ―When he was actually writing, he became his characters,‖ says Peter Ackroyd, author of Dickens: Public Life and Private Passion. ―He would get up from his desk, go over to the mirror and


mouth the words—do the expressions, grimaces(鬼脸), whatever, and then laugh, chuckle to himself, then go back to his desk and write it down.‖ Dickens created 989 named characters, which increased his popularity. Every one of his major works has been adapted for either stage or screen. A Christmas Carol inspired more than a dozen films, from Alistair Sims' Scrooge in 1951 to Jim Carrey's voicing of the same character in Disney's 2009, 3-D animated film. The original 1843 manuscript(手稿) of A Christmas Carol is on display at the Morgan Library. Dickens wrote everything by hand, in tiny script, with a quill pen. Remarkably, the manuscript is both the first and the final draft, says Kiely, the curator. You can see where Dickens has changed the name of the first chapter from ―Old Marley's Ghost‖ to ―Marley's Ghost‖. Further down the page, he has canceled an entire section. ―He realizes he's not writing a novel, and he only has a very short time in which to write this,‖ Kiely explains. ―He's got to keep it tight, in order for it to be published in time for Christmas.‖ Dickens wrote all the time. He traveled with a portable inkwell and a supply of quill pens. He was working on his last novel, Our Mutual Friend, en route from France to London when the train he was on crashed. Dickens died five years later in 1870, after a stroke at age 58. As a comic talent and a social reformer, Dickens' achievement was extraordinary, says novelist T. C. Boyle, who earned a doctorate in Victorian literature. ―He achieved what any great artist achieves—a body of work that has entertained and delighted and instructed people down through the ages. That's what we all hope for,‖ says Boyle. But Dickens' greatest fiction was his own character, says Callow, the biographer: ―People think of him as a cheerful man... but he was increasingly suffering from depression and a sense of hopelessness. And that's worth knowing. I think it's always good to know that great creative individuals have their struggle, their drama.‖ 67. What can probably be reflected in Dickens' works? A. His love for his family. B. His childhood sufferings. C. His desire for formal education. D. His reason to choose literary career. 68. The author quotes Dickens' description of Oliver Twist mainly to show ________. A. that Dickens was full of pity for poor children B. that Dickens knew well about poor children C. what real poverty was like in his days D. what kind of life Oliver Twist lived 69. It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A. Sketches by Boz is nothing but a complete failure B. Oliver Twist made Dickens first known to the public C. A Christmas Carol proved Dickens an efficient writer D. Our Mutual Friend came into being on a train 70. We can learn from the passage that ________. A. all the characters created by Dickens are popular B. people prefer films based on Dickens' novels to his works


C. once Dickens was more interested in performing than in writing D. the films and plays based on Dickens' novels raise his popularity 71. What did Dickens intend to do by telling his stories? A. To amuse his readers and change society. B. To analyze the nature of society he was in. C. To make an attack on the upper class of the time. D. To get rid of his depression and sense of hopelessness. 第二卷(非选择题,共 31 分) 第一部分:任务型阅读 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) The most wonderful time of the year (the Christmas season) is also the most stressful for lots of people struggling to fit in increased end-of-the-year workloads, holiday parties, shopping, guest hosting, travel, and seeing friends and relatives who you’d otherwise avoid. Luckily, the same coping mechanisms that can help relieve stress and find better balance during the year also work for this holiday. Here are four tips to finding work—life balance during this season. 1. Know and avoid your stressors(压力源). If cooking for a large group, baking cookies, or Christmas shopping are your key stressors, don’t do them. Lots of grocery stores will help cater your next holiday meal. Bakeries exist for a reason, and gift cards are much appreciated by all. Stop trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of the holidays and stay merry by outsourcing the pain points. 2. Get flexible at work. If you normally travel an hour each way at work, see if your boss will let you work from home in this special season to save time, get more done, and reduce your stress. Or ask if you can start work from home in the mornings and come to the office later in the day to avoid peak hours. Leave early and finish your day from the comfort of home, too. 3. Make your own list and check it twice. Make a to-do list for yourself, for both work and life, then divide it up into categories like ―must do,‖ ―want to do,‖ and ―feel obligated to do.‖ If you can remove any or all of your required list, the rest of your to-dos will start to look a lot easier. Once you have your lists in order, it’s time to start crossing things off. In between your must-dos tasks, include a want-to-do task to break things up and re-energize yourself. Yes, this holiday is a time to give back to others and be selfless, but there’s still a bit of ―self‖ in selflessness, isn’t there? 4. If you start to feel a cold coming on, come to a full and complete stop. The best way to stop a cold from exploding into a weeks-long sickness is to stop it at the start. Unless a task or activity is an absolute necessity, cancel your plans, put away your to-do lists, and settle in for a long winter’s nap. A day of rest and enough sleep is the only thing you NEED right now. Feel bad about declining holiday invitations from your friends and family? You’re doing them a favor. Once people hear that you’re sick, they’ll be glad you stayed away — they don’t want to come down with a cold during the holiday any more than you do! It is certain that you can feel less stressed in this hectic season when you stop expecting so much from yourself, because nobody puts so much expectation on you as you do to yourself. Trying to satisfy clients, co-workers, friends and family can be draining and can finally negatively impact you in many ways. When you simplify things up front, you relieve the stress off of yourself and

everyone else in the process. Stop focusing on what you feel like you’re obligated to do, and start focusing on what you want and need to do, the load will get lighter and you will feel a lot merrier under the Christmas tree.


Four Ways to Find Work-life Balance during the Christmas Season ◆The Christmas 2 is often a time when work and social activities collide with each other. ◆Luckily, 3 relief mechanisms can be found to cope with the problem. ◆Your stressors like cooking, baking and shopping can be 4 because there is enough outsourcing for you to turn to and it is OK if you fail to live up to people’s 5 . ◆You can talk to your boss for a 6 schedule. ◆You can make a list of what really 7 and let go of the obligatory list. ◆Your friends and family don’t want to come 8 with a cold at all, so feel free to cancel all your plans when 9 . ◆Start 10 on what you want to do and you can enjoy the season better.


Four Tips


第二部分:阅读下列句子, 根据句意, 用括号中所给动词的适当形式完成句子。 (共 10 小题; 每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 1. If we toy with nature, we may be on our way to ______ (produce) a real-life Frankenstein’s monster. 2. The problem is believed ______ (discuss) at the meeting two weeks ago. 3. According to the national law, a man who ______ (break) the law will have to be punished. 4. The plan was that the two parties should first reach an agreement on the basic principle, the details ______ (work out) later. 5. The water ______ (feel) cool when I jumped into the pool for morning exercise. 6. The applicant wrote a letter of application, ______ (express) his preference to be admitted to this well-known university. 7. The flowers were so lovely that they ______ (sell) in no time. 8. Many people believe that the problems ______ (create) by cloning will soon be solved. 9. This project resulted in farmers ______ (replace) their crops with trees or grass. 10. The firefighters rushed into the building, only ______ (inform) that a kid set off the alarm by accident. 第三部分:阅读下列句子并根据所给的首字母用适当的单词填空(共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分, 满分 5 分) 1. There was an a______ moment when she didn't know whether to shake his hand or kiss his cheek. 2. He tried to stay calm, but his trembling hands b______ his nervousness. 3. The group recommended the young man for the position without h______, since his performance in the interview was so impressive. 4. The lecturer spoke so fast that I wasn’t able to a______ everything that he said.


5. Her husband was reserved and c______, never making a swift decision about anything. 6. Many believe that poverty is one of the direct c______ of overpopulation. 7. Anny described how she got into an a______ with one of her classmates, whom she thought was being very ridiculous. 8. The magazine promotes effective language teaching and is i______ for foreign language teachers in China. 9. Local people have mixed feelings about t______ the city of Nanjing into an international metropolis(大都会). 10. According to the reporters, a fire c______ most of the town and much of the castle. 第四部分:阅读下列句子并根据所给中文翻译用适当的词组填空 (共 6 小题;每小题 1 分,满 分 6 分) 1. 北京的几个天然气田正在建设中。 Construction work is ______ ______ at several gas fields in Beijing. 2. 如果身体没有足够的胆固醇,我们不可能生存。从另外一方面讲,如果身体的胆固醇过高, 健康肯定会受影响。 If the body doesn't have enough cholesterol, we would not be able to survive. ______ ______ ______ ______, if the body has too much cholesterol, our health is sure to be harmed. 3. 在解决关于长江的各种问题上,我们任重道远。 We still have a long way to go to solve all the problems ______ ______ ______ the Yangtze River. 4. 真是一场精彩的音乐会;我尤其喜欢最后一支曲子。 It was a good concert; I enjoyed the last song ______ ______. 5. 你会有一种满足感, 因为你知道自己为帮助解决气候变化问题尽了一份力。 You will find ______ ______ ______ ______ knowing that you did your part to help solve the problem of climate change. 6. 中国正在进行资源税制的改革,这凸显出北京按照五年计划推动环保改革的决心。 China is moving to reform its resources tax system, which underlines Beijing’s determination to ______ ______ ______ environmental reforms under its five-year plan.

The End! Good luck!

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南京师大附中 2015-2016 学年度第一学期 高二年级期中考试英语答案 单项选择: 21-25:DCACC 26-30:ABDBC 31-35:CCBAC 完形填空: 36-40: CBDDB 41-45: DACBA 46-50: CBACB 51-55: CDACB 阅读理解: A: BCD B: CCAD C: DCBA D: BACCA 任务型阅读: 1.Topic / Title / Subject 2. season / holiday 3. stress 4. avoided 5. expectations 6. flexible 7. matters/ counts 8. down 9. necessary 10. focusing 语法填空 (10’) 1. producing 2. to have been discussed 3. breaks 4. to be worked out 5. felt 6. expressing 7. were sold 8. created 9. replacing 10. to be informed 单词拼写 (5’) 1. awkward 2. betrayed 3. hesitation 4. absorb/ analyze 5. cautious 6. consequences 7. argument 8. intended 9. transforming 10. consumed 完成句子 (6’) 1.under way 2. On the other hand 3. in/with regard to; in connection with 4. in particular 5. a sense/ feeling of satisfaction 6. push ahead with

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2015年4月南师附中高一下学期期中英语试卷附答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2015年...likely 34. Hillary Clinton officially entered the 2016 presidential race with...

南师附中集团 2016-2017学年度(上)期末测试卷

南师附中集团 2016-2017学年度(上)期末测试卷_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。2016..., 线段 AC2015 的长为___. 三、解答题 3 2 ?1 5 7 ? 5 ? ?3 ? ...


江苏省南京师大附中2015-2016学年高二第一学期期中考试英语试题_英语_高中教育_...南师附中2015-2016期中考... 暂无评价 11页 1下载券 南京师大附中2016届高三...


南京师大附中2016届高三上期中考试英语试题_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。...英语-2014-2015学年高二... 12页 1下载券 高三英语-南师附中、淮阴... 17...

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