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【人教版】安徽省灵璧中学高中英语必修四集体备课课时教案:Unit1 Women of achievement 2

课时安排: 章节与课题 总第 课时 中心备课人 授课人 本课时学习目标或学 习任务 本课时重、 难点或学习 辅助备课人 使用日或周次 同组其他成员 Riview the language points 建议 本课时教学资源的使 多媒体 / 教学案 用 学习要求 教师二次 教学流程 或学法指 备课栏 导 知识点回顾 1.behave vt.& vi. 举动;(举

止或行为)表现 (回归课本 P2)Jane has studied these families of chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like humans. [归纳拓展] (1)behav e oneself 举止规矩 behave well/badly 举止良好/糟糕 Do behave!规矩些! (2)wellbehaved 表现好的 badlybehaved 表现差的 (3)behaviour [U] 举止,行为 Eg: ① (2008 年 高 考 江 西 卷 )Some children could be noisy and badlybehaved. ②If you behave yourself,I’ll let you stay up to watch the movie. ③I am sorry about what I did last night-I behaved like a child. ④The headmaster doesn’t allow bad behavio(u)r in class. 完成句子 (1)在持枪歹徒面前,这个小男孩表现得极为勇敢。 The little boy _____ ______ ______ ______ in the face of the gunman. 答案:behaved with great courage (2)老师鼓励孩子们好好表现。 The teacher encouraged the children to________ ________. 答案: behave well 2. worthwhile adj.值得做的;值得的,可用作表语或定语,其后 可加 to do/doing。 易混辨析: worth/worthy/worthwhile Worth 只能作表语,其后接钱数、名词或及物动词的动名词的 主动形式: be (well) worth doing. Worthy 可作表语,后接 of+名词/动名词的被动形式/不定式的被 动形式: 即为: be worthy of+ n./ being done / to be done; 可作定语,表示“值得……的;有价值的”。 Worthwhile 可作表语或定语 ;a worthwhile job 一份值得做的工 作。 常用结构:it is worthwhile to do/ doing 做某事是值得的。 a worthy winner 名副其实的赢家 Buying the car at this price is not worthwhile. Is it worthwhile making/ to make such an effort? (1)单项填空 It was the trouble to settle the problem. A. worth to take B. worthwhile taking C. worth

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