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人教版选修8 Unit 4 Reading

教师寄语:There is no such thing as a great talent without great will - power. -- Balzac
没有伟大的意志力,便没有雄才大略。 -- 巴尔扎克

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Unit 4 Pygmalion Period1 Warming up and reading
Learning aims: 1. To learn the useful new words and expressions in this part: 2. To develop reading ability and let them learn different reading skills. Learning important and difficult point: To learn different reading skills, especially the reading ability of understanding implied meaning of the author’s.

This play by Bernard Shaw is _______________________________.It was also made into a film called________________________. What’s the Pygmalion Effect? The Pygmalion Effect is that people tend to behave as you expect they will. If you expect a person to take responsibility, they probably will. If you expect them not to even try, they probably won’t. Step1.Important words 1___________n.适应性,改编本 _________ vt. 使适应:改编;vi.适应新情况 2. _________adj.第一流的;经典的 n. 经典著作 3._____________vi.犹豫;踌躇 _______________n. 犹豫;踌躇 4.___________adj.错误的;不正确的___________vt. 5.___________adj.光辉灿烂的;杰出的;才华横溢的 6.___________vt,编排;分类;归类 8.___________vt.谴责;使……注定 9.___________adv.适当地;恰当地 ______________adj.正确的;恰当的 7.______________adj.不同寻常的;非凡的 把……错当成;误会

10 ._______________n.机会;运气;大笔的钱____________adj. 幸运的;庆幸的

11.__________n.言论;谈论;评述 12 .__________adj. 真实的;真正的;可信的 13.__________n. 身份;地位;职位 14.光辉灿烂的__________________ 14___________adj.优秀的;较高的;上级的;n.上级;长官 Important Phrases: 1. 伪装;假扮______________ 3. 惊讶地 ______________________ 2. 结识,与…相见_____________________ 4. 一般来说_______________________

5. (把某人) 改变或冒充成 ______________6. 一把; 少量的 _______________
7. 毫不犹豫_______________________ 8. 就……来说;从……角度 _______________

1 . This text is mainly about the first experience of Eliza meeting with__________. A. Professor Higgins B. Colonel Pickering C. Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering D. a gentleman 2.Eliza greeted to the gentleman in order to__________. A. ask him to buy some flowers from her B. talk with him C. ask him to teach her D. beg some money from him 3.Why Eliza began to cry? Because__________ . A. she thought that the man might be a policeman. B. she felt hungry but she had nothing to eat C. she was wet in the rain 4.Professor Higgins believed that he could judge a person by __________. A. his appearance B. his action C. his conversation D. his manners 5.From the text, we can infer that Professor Higgins is a man described below EXCEPT that__________ . A. he doesn’t care about money B. he is an expert in phonetics C. he is proud D. he is greedy


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