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学案2:Module1 整单元 (外研版必修3)

Book Ⅲ

Module 1


Ⅰ. Lead-in: Something about Europe ( location; importance, climate; landform etc)
1) Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. It lies to the west of Asia and on the east of the Atlantic Ocean. It is separated by the Mediterranean from Africa and north of Europe is the Arctic Ocean. 2) Europe has been playing an important part in the history of the world. a) The Industrial Revolution started from England of Europe. b) The Renaissance started from Italy of Europe. c) Greece is the birth place of western civilization. d) Most of the countries in Europe are developed countries, esp. Western Europe, such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy etc. e) The European Union (including 25 countries) is an economic organization as well as a political one. All the countries in the Eu use the same money. They help each other when facing international affairs. People can live, work, study or travel in the countries without any special permit. 3) The climate is warm and rainy all the year round in most part of Europe. 4) The landform here is mainly plains.

Ⅱ. Introduction.
1. Complete the table with the words in the box (Part 1. P1) 2. What do you know about the following cities? a) London: the capital of U.K which is famous for the tower of London b) Paris: capital city on the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower, Louve c) Rome: capital city of Italy (Rome was not built in one day/ All roads lead to Rome d) Madrid: capital city of Spain e) Athens: capital city of Greece (the birthplace of the Olimpic Games) 3. Do part 2 (P.1)

Ⅲ. Reading and Vocabulary
1. Match the photos with these descriptions. (Part 1. P. 2) 2. Read the passage “Great European Cities” and do the following. ①The main purpose of the passage is . A. to tell us some European cities and their characters. B. to describe some places of interest in Europe C. to tell us some events buildings that influenced Europe in history. D. to tell us there are many great cities in Europe ②The paragraph of Florence mainly tells us . A. many of Florence’s most beautiful paintings were drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. B. There were some greatest painters of all time in Florence C. Florence is famous for the renaissance D. Millions of visitors go to see the Uffizi Palace. ③Which of the flowing is true? A. Barcelona is the capital of Spain. B. The church of the Sagrada Facuilia was built in 1926 C. The Uffizi Palace is a famous hotel in Florence. D. There were a lot of good writers in ancient Athens. ④Which of the following is true auording to the passage? A. Athens was the world’s most powerful city two thousand five hundred years ago.

B. Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain and is situated on the north west coast. C. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world situated on the River Seine. D. More than eight million tourists come to visit Florence every year. ⑤Which city is known as the birthplace of western civilization? A. Barcelona B. Paris C. Florence D. Athens ⑥What is one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks? A. The Eiffel Tower B. the Church of the Sagrada Familia. C. The Uffizi Palace D. The Parthenon on the Acropolis Hill. ⑦From the passage we can infer that . A. Paris is larger than Barcelona B. Athens was the world’s most powerful city two thousand, four hundred years ago because of its weapons C. The Church of Sagrada Familia is famous because it was designed by Antonio Gandi D. Visitors like to go to Paris because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. ⑧Over two thousand years ago, if there had been a war among the cities of Paris, Bareelona, Florence and Athen; which do you think would have won the war? Athens (most powerful) ⑨It is not true that A. Madrid is about 500 kilometres west of Barcelona. B. The Louvra is situated on the Seine. C. The Renaissance ended in the 1700s. D. It took Gaudi 44 years to work on the Church of the Sagrada Familia. 3. Do Exercise 3 and 4 (P. 3) Ⅳ. Homework: Fill in the box City’s name Paris Barcelona Florance Athens the country France Spain Italy Greece famous places the Eiffel Tower The church of the Sagrada The Parthenon other special features Restaurants, cafes Pamilia Art galleries, churches, museums Birthplace of civilisation

Module 1
Ⅰ. Check the homework: 1. France 法国 3. Greek 5. continent 大陆(洲) 6. Europe 欧洲 , , 法语 , 希腊 French Greece , continental European

2. Spain 西班牙 4. Italian (adj.) (adj.) ; 西班牙语 Spanish

意大利语 意大利 Italy

Ⅱ.The language points. 1. across / through / over ; across / cross


横穿马路一定要当心啊. 那匹马跳过栅栏.

Do be careful when you go across the road. .

The horse jumped over the fence. The thief came in through the window .


2. S. + be / lie + in / on / to / off + 方位词 S. + be located / situated in / on / to ……

1)台湾在中国东南、福建东部。 Tai wan is in the southeast of China and to the east of Fu jian.

2)重庆在中国西南,座落在长江沿岸。 Chong qing lies 3. face :vt+/ vi in the southwest of china and is on the Chang jiang River.


; 正视(事实),对付

1)be faced with = 2)in (the ) face of facing in face of danger

3)face to face / face —to — face 我们应该勇敢地面对困难。 (05’) A. To face We should face the difficulty bravely .

with a difficult situation , Arnold decided to ask his boss for advice. B. Having faced C. Faced D. Facing

4. 1) Between Italy and France, there is a mountain range called the Alps. 2) Between France and Spain is another mountain range —— the Pyrenees. ▲全部倒装:表方位的副词或地点状语+谓语动词+主语+其他 能够成全部倒装的副词有:up / down / in / out / away / here / there / now / then / thus …… 常用地点状语如:in the middle of / on top of / in front of / at the back of / behind ……/

nearby …… / at the foot of……

[注意]上述全部倒装结构,主语须是名词,若主语为人称代词则不倒装。e.g. Away they went
On the wall A. are hung 5. situated :adj. two pictures. B. hung 座落在…… 山顶上有一个寺庙。 C. hangs be situated in/on/to D. are hanged or be located in/on/to

situation n. 形势,情形; (建筑物的)位置 location (同) position :位置,场地 1)Dark clouds are a 2) The dove is a sign symbol ; 6. [区分比较]: symbol / sign / mark / signal of rain. of peace.

in a poor financial situation

a good location for a school

3) The little boy dragged a big chair and left some 7. design n. v. 设计 designer n. designedly adv. =by design = on purpose be designed for/to do sth 专门为…而做 be designed as …… 设计成

marks 设计者

on the floor.



the design of a garden be designed for cold weather by design 生产 and not by accident . ; ; 引起 production n. n. 农产品


这事不是偶然而是故意制造的。 It was done 8. produce vt/ vi 生产,制造 product n. 产品 9. influence v. 影响 对某人/物有不良/好影响 have influence over others

; n. 影响;有影响的人/物 have bad/good influence on sb/sth 对他人

在……的影响下 under the influence of/ be influenced by

[比较]influence / effect / affect / affection [学以致用]
1)The drug had an immediate 2) She was deeply 3) Dick is a big affected influence effect on the pain. by the news of her father’s death. on his younger brother.

Module 1
A. are B. is


also true of the John sons . D. to be in the tea house. D. deserted C. being

1. Most of what has been said about the Smiths

2. It was already past midnight and only three young men A. left B. remained C. delayed

3. Although the causes of cancer it. A. are being uncovered C. are uncovering

, we don’t yet have any practical way to prevent

B. have been uncovering D. have uncovered since the flood hit the

4. Police are now searching for a woman who is reported to area last Friday. A. have been missing C. be missing 5. The water A. was felt B. have got lost D. get lost

cool when I jumped in to the pool for morning exercise. B. is felt C. felt D. feels for entertainment and

6. It is said that the early European playing cards education. A. were being designed B. have designed

C. have been designed 7. I got caught in the rain and my suit A. has ruined C. has been ruined

D. were designed . B. had ruined D. had been ruined in science and technology.

8. If Newton lived today ,he would be surprised by what A. had discovered C. has discovered 9. Visitors A. will request C. are requesting B. had been discovered D. has been discovered not to touch the exhibits. B. is requested D. are requested

10. —Have you handed in your schoolwork yet? —Yes, I have. I guess it A. has graded C. is being graded 11. Good care must A. take 12. Please remain A. to seat 13. The hero’s story A. was reported C. reports now. B. is graded D. is grading babies particularly while they are ill. B. take care of C. be taken D. be taken of

until the plane has come to a complete stop. B. to be seated C. seating D. seated

differently in the newspapers. B. was reporting D. reported abroad to study medicine last year. D. had been sent the Pacific ,

14. More than a dozen students in that school A. sent B. were sent

C. had sent

15. Months ago we sailed ten thousand miles across this open sea, which and we met no storms. A. was called B. is called C. had been called

D. has been called to eat

16. The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people more fruit and vegetables. A. persuade B. will persuade C. be persuaded D. are persuaded

17. —George and Lucy got married last week . Did you go to their wedding? —No, I A. was not invited C. hadn’t been invited 18. I feel it is your husband who . Did they have a big wedding? B. have not been invited D. didn’t invite for the spoiled child.

A. is to blame 19. Rainforests in the near future. A. cut

B. is going to blame

C. is to be blamed

D. should blame

and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth

B. are cut

C. are being cut by the end of last month. B. had been designed D. would be designed

D. had been cut

20. The new suspension bridge A. has been designed C. was designed

21. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, deadline. A. work B. working

on the project day and night to meet the

C. is working

D. are working each year.

22. With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth A. is washing C. are washing away B. is being washed away D. are being washed away to work online at home. C. is encouraged yet.

23. All the employees except the manager A. encourages B. encourage

D. are encouraged

24. When and where to go for the on-salary holiday A. are not decided C. is not being decided

B. have not been decided D. has not been decided that the director is going to resign. C. have known D. am to know

25. No one in the department but Tom and I A. knows B. know

26. He is the only one of the students who A. is B. are

a winner of scholarship for three years. C. have been D. has been hard to realize their

27. An increasing number of students, year by year, across China dream of studying abroad. A. try 28.This kind of books A. is; is 29. The following A. is B. have tried C. will try

D. are trying useless. D. are; is

very useful but books of that kind B. is; are C. are; is

some newly-published popular magazines. B. are C. was by Dr.Hu D. appears to enter the patient’s

30. Nobody but doctors or nurses and those room. A. invited; is allowed C. being invited; allowed 31. Every possible means

B. are invited; are allowed D. invited; are allowed to save the miners stuck in the mine.

A. have tried

B. have been tried

C. has been tried

D. has tried

32. To my surprise, the game drew only a few A. hundred B. hundreds

participants and spectators yesterday. C. hundred of D. hundreds of

33. It is you, rather than he, that A. is to blame C. is blame 34. Quantities of precious jewelry A. was found; deeply C. was found; deep 35. The office staff A. is

for the accident. B. are to blame D. are blame buried B. were found ; deeply D. were found ; deep in the earth.

gathered to hear the president speak. B. are C. be D. will known to

36. The Olympic Games in the year 2008 us all. A. is to hold; is C. are to hold; is

in Beijing of China, which

B. is to be held; was D. are to be held; is



Module 1
Ⅰ. Teaching aims:
1) To learn something about European Union 2) Some key words


Cultural Corner

Ⅱ. Teaching Process.
1. Pre-reading: 1)What do you know about European Union? 2) Is European Union a country? No

3) Is the United Kingdom its first member? No 4) How many countries were its first members?Six 5) Are its member countries independent?Yes 6) How many member countries does it have now?27 2. While-reading: Fill in the table The European Union (EU) Beginning time Names of first members In the 1950’s France,Germany,Belgium,Italy, Luxembourg&the Netherlands Names of new countries by 2000 Austria,Denmark,Finland,Greece, Ireland,Portugal,Spain,Sweden.U.K Total country number in 2004 Relationship between countries in EU Population of EU 3. Post-reading: Comparison of EU and China: population / size/ culture / economy / education 4. The key words: 1)独立的(adj.) independent ; 独立(n.) independence ;那得看情况 It (all)depends ; 政府(n.) government 25 Independent More than half a billion

依靠 …… depend 2)govern: vt/vi. 统治,管理

3)一方面……,另一方面…… on(the)one hand,on the other hand 4)会议代表 the representatives of the meeting ; represent (vt.) 代表

5)失去控制 ; lose control of ;be out of control; beyond one’scontrol 控制…… have control of (over) ; be under the control of

beyond one’s control 失控,控制不了;in the control of sb. 在某人的控制之下 6)little by little = step by step or gradually


7)以……幅度增加 be increased by;增加到…… increase to ;on the increase ……在增加 8)扩大了的欧盟 the expanded E.U 10)in comparison with 与……相比 ; beyond comparison 无与伦比

用 compare 的适当形式填空: 1) Comparing 2) Compare her with her mother, you will find she is taller. her with her mother, and you’ll find she is taller.

3) Compared with her mother, she is taller. 4)I’m sure what you did is beyond comparison (无双的).



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