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Good morning, distinguished teachers and judges. I am very pleased to be here sharing some of my teaching ideas with you. My topic is_____________, which is taken from lesson _____unit__ in SEFC (Senior English for China) book (1-6) A/B. I am going to present it in 4 parts. Part 1 the analysis of teaching Material, the 2nd part is about the teaching methods. In Part 3 I will talk about

the studying methods, and part 4 is devoted to the teaching procedures. And while presenting these parts I will do the blackboard design properly. Ok now, let me talk about the first part- the Analysis of teaching Material: This is a reading passage ( is in the form of dialogue). And the topic of this lesson is “ ”, which concerning 内容: about_____________________________ 2.This kind of reading passage takes a big portion. So how to improve the students’ reading skills and to raise their awareness of culture background is of great importance. 技能 By studying this lesson, the Ss can improve their reading skills and strategies. Reading is the one of the skills that the students must have. And as we all know, reading belongs to the input during the process of language learning. The input has great effect on output, including speaking and writing. 知识 At the same time, The Ss will learn more about the oceans and the creatures living in the oceans. 情感与道德 (Of course, the Ss should receive some moral education as well. By studying this lesson, we`ll enable the students to create a serious/positive in .) attitude towards and/or develop the interest

Therefore, this passage plays a very important role in the teaching of this unit. Because it is the main passage in this unit, outlines the theme of this unit. It provides all –around practice about listening, speaking, reading and writing revolve around the topic. If the Ss can learn it well, it will be helpful to the Ss to learn the rest of this unit. Then according to the new standard curriculum[k?'rikjul?m] and syllabus(新课程标准和教学大纲), I think the teaching aims of this lesson are as the following: 1.Knowledge objects: a)The Ss can hear, read, and use the main sentence patterns b)The Ss can understand the content of the lesson. c)The Ss can use the patterns to express their thoughts in the proper situation. 2.Ability objects: (1) To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. (2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in pairs. (3) To Improve the student’s reading ability, especially their skimming and scanning ability. 3. Emotion or moral objects: a) By completing the task, the Ss increase their interest in science; .b) to evoke the Ss’ (emotion,) love of the life in the sea and do something to protect the sea from being polluted. The Analysis of the Key Points and Difficult Points in Teaching Key points in teaching 1) Through studying the passage, the students should learn how to get the main idea of the passage, analyze the structure, and get useful information. 2) The students should be trained of micro reading skills including skimming and scanning, and their ability of reorganizing and transferring information should also be increased. 2. The Difficult Points:1) For students in Senior Two, this passage may be a little bit hard to understand for there are many new words(sentence pattern), especially idioms in it. So we will analyze the text as a whole and then separately to make it easier for the students. 2) The students in Senior Two are not familiar with the reading skills such as skimming and scanning, so we will guide them to practice the skills through the reading task. 1. To retell the text in their own words.

2. To discuss the pollution of the sea and how to save the sea.

Students Analysis:

1. The Ss have some basic knowledge about the sea and sea life, before they study this lesson.

2. Their limited vocabulary may obstruct their understanding of this passage. 3. They don’t express themselves and communicate with others in English in daily life. 4. Some Ss are not active in the class because they are afraid of making mistakes. Part 2 teaching methods In my opinion, the most important aim of learning English in the Middle School is to increase the students’ communicative abilities including listening, reading, speaking and writing. Therefore, in this lesson I’ll adopt the “Communicative” Approach(交际教学法), “Whole language teaching” (整体语言教学法)and “Task-based” language teaching (任务教学法) as the major methods. I will make the Ss the real masters in class while the teacher acts as director. Teaching aids: I’ll use the modern CAI (computer-aided instruction) equipments including a multimedia computer 2、a tape recorder 3、a projector and the blackboard as teaching aids. Part3 studying methods Student in senior _______are quick in thought, and they have a certain ability to read. But they are lack of and the courage to express their ideas. Therefore, a successful leader should pay attention on their learning strategy, in this lesson, I will teach Ss to master the following strategies: 1) Collaborative learning Collaborative learning is an effective way to motivate every student to get involved in English practice. By cooperating with their partners, the students can master the teaching material in easier way. The study process will become an interesting experience. 2) Autonomous learning Autonomous learning is to make a student as the main body of learning. The students achieve learning goals by their independent analysis, exploration and practice. Part 4 Teaching Procedure: Step 1 lead-in (3mins) Activity1 picture-talking(individual work) Use the computer and screen, and show some pictures of beautiful places guiding Qs may be Activity2. Free talk (class work) I will invite Ss to answer the following Qs. Purpose of my design: catch Ss’ attention about the topic. 2. to encourage them to say something about their destinations. Step 2 pre-reading (8mins) A、Play the cd for the students to follow and ask them to find the topics mentioned in the text. ( ) B、true or false (this step is done by competition) Step3 reading step 4 careful reading (15mins) This step can train their reading ability. Give the students some time to do careful reading, after that, ask them to find out the main idea of each part and give some detailed information about each part.

1、 Get the students to find out the main idea of each part. 2、 fill in the following blanks Items \ Rio de Janeiro Kitzbuhel Country 3、 answer the following questions Step 5 retelling (6mins) According to the pictures given ,retell the two cities The summer holiday is Location People Attractions Best time to visit

Step 6 pair-work (8mins) Choose one situation to make up a dialogue. Situation 1:

coming. Your family plans to go on a family travel but has not decided the destination. Persuade your father or mother to go to Rio de Janeiro. Situation 2: The winter holiday is coming. Your family plans to go on a family

travel but has not decided the destination. Persuade your father or mother to go to Kitzbuhel. Step 7 Summary (2mins) Well,let’s come back from Rio de Janeiro or Kitzbuhel to see what we’ve learnt in this class.,we’ve learnt about some foreign countries’ culture and history by reading the text. After class, please read the text again and use the chart from the Pre-reading to analyse the text about Rio de Janeiro. Compare your choices and the choices made by the writer of the text. What are some similarities and differences? What might be some reasons for the similarities and differences? Are you clear about that? Step 8 Homework: 1、 Know more about Rio de Janeiro & Kitzbuhel from the Internet. the Writing on the Blackboard Okay, that’s all. Thank you very much! Step 9 The Design of



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