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2015-2016学年高中英语 Module3 Reading and vocabulary课件 外研版选修6

Group work Read the beginning and end of the passage. What do you think the story is about? I remember the first time I met Roy. He was standing in the centre of a group of boys, and he was telling a joke… …It looked as if there was about £500 there. I was so surprised that I just stood there, holding the notes in my hands. At that moment, the door swung open, and Roy walked in.

1. What was Roy like before his father died?

Outgoing, popular, and friendly. 2. What kind of relationship did Roy and Daniel have?
A close relationship, where they trusted each other.

3. How did Roy change?
He became silent and moody, lost interest in his schoolwork, and lost friends. 4. What happened in the cloakroom that surprised Daniel? He saw Roy taking money from other boys’ pockets.

5. What happened to the £500?
It was stolen from a box in a classroom. 6. How did Daniel know who had stolen it? Daniel felt cold while waiting for Roy in his bedroom, so he put on Roy’s jacket and found the money in the pockets.

Answer the questions about these words and phrases in the box. amount financial knock over make (money) move (house) (paper) note raise (money) theft thief wallet Which of these words and phrases: 1.are connected with money? financial, note, wallet, make money, raise money 2. are connected with stealing? theft, thief

amount financial knock over make (money) move (house) (paper) note raise (money) theft thief wallet

3. means to hit and hurt or kill someone with a car? knock over 4. means to go to live in a different house? move house

amount financial knock over make (money) move (house) (paper) note raise (money) theft thief wallet 5. means to work to get money?

make money 6. means to get people to give money? raise money 7. means how much of something there is?

1.He was standing in the centre of a group of boys, and he was telling a joke. Here tell a joke is a phrase; its meaning is totell funny stories to somebody.(说笑话) e.g.


He often tells a joke to the
children, so all of them like him.

In addition, we can use tell in many other phrases. For example: tell a story讲故事; tell the truth说出真相;
tell a lie撒谎;
tell the difference between the two说出两 者的区别;

tell its own tale 不说自明; tell tales揭人隐私,搬弄是非

2. When he reached the final line, every one burst out laughing. Here burst out is a phrase; its meaning is
suddenly begin doing sth.突然开始做某事 burst out laughing突然大笑起来; it can be translated into burst into laughter e.g. 看到妈妈那孩子突然嚎啕大哭起来。 The child burst out crying/burst into crying at the sight of his mother.

3. But just under a year ago, Roy’s father was knocked over by a car. Here knock over is a phrase; its meaning is sb. by striking him撞倒某人

e.g. 昨天晚上当他散步时被一辆车撞倒了。 When he was walking in the street, he was knocked over by a car last night. Here tell the Ss some more phrases about knock. knock sb. on the head打某人的头; knock one’s head against the door把 头撞到门上; knock sth. in/into sth.将某物打进某物

4. At that moment, the door swung open. Here swing is a verb; its meaning is move to and fro while hanging or

supported前后摆动,摇摆。 e.g. 他走路时摆动着手臂。
His arms swung as he walked.

In addition, the word swing has other meanings. For example (1) 急转身;急旋转;急回头 e.g. 当那人试图使快艇转弯时,方向盘脱手了。
As the man tried to swing the speed-boat

round, the steering-wheel came away in his

(2) 剧变,骤变

e.g. 他转喜为悲。 He swung from happiness to rears.

5. My mouth fell open and I just looked at him. Here the word fall is a link verb; its

meaning is become 变得。And it is
followed by prep. e.g. 短缺(某物)

fall short (of sth.)
睡着 fall asleep

Find words and phrases in the passage which mean: organization that gives money or help to people who need it
2. a room where you can leave your coat, bag, etc. 3. to suddenly start to laugh

4 a small cupboard that locks, used to keep books clothes, etc. in a school or office

5 when your face becomes pink because you are embarrassed

6 often becoming angry or unhappy

7 something organised by a school to make money

Choose the correct answers. 1. Daniel could see that ______. A. Roy often told jokes B. people liked Roy C. Roy was always happy

2. Daniel’s family moved to London ______. A. because of his father B. because his father lost his job C. because the south of England was richer

3. Roy and Daniel became _____.

A. close friends B. friendly
C. friends

4. After Roy’s father was killed, Roy’s family moved ______. A. because of money problems B. because they didn’t want to stay in the same house C. because their house was too big

5. Roy became ______. A. less clever

B. less friendly
C. less interesting

6. When Daniel found Roy with someone’s wallet. ______.

A. Roy was not embarrassed
B. Daniel looked at him angrily

C. Daniel looked at him in surprise

7. Daniel thought that the person stealing from students ______.

A. might be Roy
B. was Roy

C. was someone he knew

8. The £500 was raised ______. A. for someone in need B. for school fair C. for the class teacher

9. The money in Roy’s pockets ______. A. was almost certainly the money from the fair

B. had been stolen
C. was probably money that

Roy had made recently


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