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高考英语作文可用的复杂句型和高级词汇 表示原因 1?There are three reasons for this? 2?The reasons for this are as follows? 3?The reason for this is obvious? 4?The reason for this is that??? 5?We have good reason to believe that ??? 例 如 ?There are thr reasons for the changes that have taken place in our ee life?Firstly?people’s living standard has been greatly improved?Secondly?most people are well paid?and they can afford what they need or like?Last but not least?more and more people prefer to enjoy modern life? 注? 如考生写第一个句子没有把握? 可将其 改写成两个句子。 如?Great changes have taken place in our life?There are three reasons for this? 这样写可以避免套用中的表达失误。 表示好处 1?It has the following advantages? 2?It does us a lot of good? 3?It benefits us quite a lot? 4?It is benefic to us? ial 5?It is of great benefit to us? 例如?Books are like friends .They can help us know the world better,and they can open our minds and widen our horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us.? 表示坏处 1?It has more disadvantages than advantages? 2?It does us much harm? 3?It is harmful to us? 例如?Howevereverything divides into two.Television can also be harmful to us.It , can do harm to our health and make us lazy. if we spend too much time watching television.? 表示重要、必要、困难、方便、可能 1.It is important?necessary?difficult?convenient?possible?for sb?to do sth? 2.We think it necessary to do sth? 3.It plays an important role in our life?


例如?Computers are now being used everywhere ,whether in the government,in schools or in business.?S oon,computers will be found in every home,too.We have good reason to say that computers are playing an increasingly important role in our life and we have stepped into the Computer Age? 表示措施 1?We should take some effective measures? 2?We should try our best to overcome(conquer)?the difficulties? 注意括号内 ★ 高级词汇的使用。 3?We should solve the problems that we are faced (confronted) with? 注意括 ★ 号内高级词汇的使用。 例如: The housing problem that we are confronted with is becoming more and more serious.Therefore we must take some effective measures to solve it.?

表示变化 1?Some changes have taken place in the past five years .? 2?The computer has brought about many changes in education? 例如?Some changes have taken place in people’s diet in the past five years.The major reasons for these changes are not far to seek.?Nowadays ,?more and more people are switching from grain to meat for protein,?and from fruit and vegetable to milk for vitamins.?? 表示事实、现状 1.We cannot ignore the fact that....??? 2.No one can deny the fact that......??? 3.There is no denying that.......??? 4.This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in.......? 5.However?that’s not the case .......? 例如:?We cannot ignore the fact that industrialization brings with it the problems of pollution.To solve these problems,we can start by educating the public about the hazards of pollution.The government on its part should also design stricter laws to promote a cleaner environment.? ? 表示比较 1?Compared with A( A 比起来)?B??? 和

2?I prefer to read rather than watch TV? 3? There is a striking (明显的) contrast (对比,对照) between them?


例 如 :Compared with cars,bicycles have several advantages besides being affordable.?Firstly ,?they do not consume natural resources of petroleum.?Secondly ,?they do not cause the pollution problem .?Las but not least, they t contribute to people’s health by giving them due physical exercise.? 表示数量 1?It has increased?decreased?from 2?The population in this city has now increased (decreased)?to 800 ,000.? 3?The output ( 产量)of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January.? 例如?With the improvement of the living standard ,?the proportion of people’s income spent on food has decreased while that spent on education has increased.? 再如?From the graph listed above ,?it c be seen that student use of computers has an increased from an average of less than two hours per week in 1990 to 20 hours in 2000.? 表示看法 1.?People have (take,adopt,assume)different attitudes towards sth? 注意括号 ★ 内高级词汇的使用。 2.?People have different opinions o this problem.? n 3.?People take different views of? (on)?the question .? 4.?Some people believe that .........While others argue that.........??? argue 为高 ★ 级词汇 5. Views vary/differ from person to person. (人们对此观点不一)

6. Different people have different opinions( views)on sth 例如? People have different attitudes towards failure.Some believe that failure leads to success.? Every failure they experience translates into a greater chance of success at their renewed endeavor.However,others are easily discouraged by failures and put themselves into the category of losers. 再如? Do“lucky numbers really bring good luck?? Different people have different views on it.表示结论 1.? In short ? it can be said that....... ??? 2.? It may be briefly summed up (总结)as follows.? 3 ? From what has been mentioned above,we can come to the conclusion that ...... ??? 例如? From what has been mentioned above,? we can come to the conclusion that examination is necessary.? however,? its method should be improved.? 注?例句 1 可用于任何一个段落的结论句?例句 3 则多用文章结论段的第一句。 套语

1 ? It’s well known to us that ........??? 2 ? As is known to us........???? 3 ? This is a topic that is being widely talked about.........? 4 ? From the graph ? table ? chart ? listed above ? it can be seen that........ ?? ? 5 ? As a proverb says/ Just as the saying goes, Where there is a will,there is a way.? 例如? As is well known to us,it is important for the students to know the world outside campus.? The reason for this is obvious.Nowadays,the society is changing and developing rapidly,and the campus is no longer an“ivory tower".? As college students,we must get in touch with the world outside the campus.Only in this way can we adapt ourselves to the society quickly after we graduate.(only 开头引导句子,整个句子要倒装, 用的是 can we 而不是 we can)?

英语作文这样才能写出 “亮点”

要想获得高分就应在“正确”表达的基础上写出自己的特色? 写出自己的“亮”点。 一、词汇选择------标新立异 在写作中“较高级词汇”的使用主要是指使用《大纲》上有但不太常用的词语、使 用通过构词法变化来的新词、使用同(近)义词或反义词等来代替常见词语。 例如: 1)这栋房子在芳草街的一栋楼上。 A: The flat is in a building on Nanjing Street. B: The flat situates in a building on Nanjing Street. 分析:?is in是常见词语,而 situates in 则是《大纲》上没有的,属于高级词汇。 2)在周末我们做很多作业。 A: At weekends, we have a lot of homework to do. B: At weekends, we have endless homework to do. 分析:B 句在表达时没有使用过于直接的 a lot of,而是使用了 endless。endless 就是 由《大纲》词汇 end 加后缀-less 变化来的。 3)洗澡间和厨房都很好。 A: The bathroom and the kitchen are good. B. The bathroom and the kitchen are well-furnished.

分析:在表达要点时,?B句使用了 well furnished,? 这比 good 语气强,? 也显得生动。 在造句时?“ 较高级词汇”如能运用贴切自然,哪怕整篇文章只用上一个,也会使你 的作文显示出与众不同。 二、结构造句------与众不同 在造句时,既要使句子生动,又要使其简明扼要。 1.使用与人不同的表达方式,特别是提倡打破汉语句子结构的束缚而重组的句子 更受欢迎。 例如: 1)唐山曾在二十世纪八十年代发生过一次大地震。 A: There was a strong earthquake in Tangshan in the 1980s. B: A terrible earthquake hit/struck Tangshan in the 1980s. 分析:大多数同学使用了 there be 结构,这是对的,但是 B 句却摒弃了常见模式。另 辟蹊径而使用了“主语+谓语+宾语”结构,? 且使用了 terrible, hit/strike 这样的词汇,更是 难能可贵的。 2、使用一些强势句式? 如强调句、感叹句、倒装句等? 增强语句的表现力。 如:1).阿福救了我妹妹。 A: Ah Fu saved my sister.(一般句式) B: It was Ah Fu that saved my sister.(强调句式) 2).我们看到庄稼和蔬菜长势喜人很是高兴。 A: We were glad to see crops and vegetables growing well.(一般陈述句) B: How glad we were to see crops and vegetables growing well.(感叹句) 3、句式多样,复杂得体。 在写作中应避免使用相同长度的相同句型,应注意句式的 变化.如长短句结合、简单句、并列句与复合句共用,还可使用简化句等。一些较复 杂的结构如独立主格、分词结构等也可使用。 下面的表达中 A 句简单句多,而且多处使用 there be 结构,显得单调、乏味。而 B 句就有自己的特色(请同学们自己分析)。 例如:这是一套 25 平方米的住房? 住房里面有卧室、有洗澡间、有厨房? 卧室里 有床、沙发、桌子和椅子等。 A: It's a flat of 25 square meters. There is a bedroom in the flat. There is a bathroom and a kitchen in it, too. In the bedroom, there is a bed; there is a sofa, a desk and a chair as well. B: It's a flat of 25 square meters, with a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. In the bedroom there is a bed, a sofa, a desk and a chair.


09 范文 Dear Tom, How is it going? As you know, it has been a long time since I returned to China. I really miss the time that we spent together. Thanks so much for helping me with my English. I think I would not have achieved so much success/made so much progress without your help.By the way, are you still in touch with our teacher Mr. Smith? How is he doing? You know that I’m really impressed by/with his fascinating lectures and want to contact him. Unfortunately,I have lost his e-mail address and telephone number. I’d appreciate it if you would send me his e-mail or telephone number. What’s more, the Spring Festival, one of the most traditional Chinese festivals, is drawing near. Would you like to come to China and celebrate the festival with me? I'm sure you will enjoy your holiday here and learn more about Chinese culture. I'm looking forward to your early reply. \ Yours, Li Hua




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