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An Outward Journey I ’ m going to share my impression on this book 《 Ordinary World 》 with you.The man who is working is the happiest one in the world, no matter in which period. That’s a truth the book wants to tell us. It loudly gives out the slogan, as a human, despair the position, as long as you have a burning heart, you will be loved by the life. Everybody in the world should love their work. One can be ordinary, but can not be mediocre. Only be a worker, and use one’s sincere heart to taste and experience the life, can we truly being alive. This is a book written by life. There is a kind of ordinary sound flood in the earth and universe. The pedagogical meaning I get from this book is a kind of profound understanding to the peasant in our own country. The younger generation in the modern city is very hard to figure out the meaning of this point, because they are far away from the real country life. Peasants’ life, peasants’ thought , all of these are quite unfamiliar to most of us. Then this book can be regarded as a bridge, we can indirectly gain a better understanding of the real country from this book.. And that’s the function of books. The book perfectly draw a picture of that time, it reflects the pleasure, the anger, the sorrow, and the passions of the peasants. After finished the book, we can say we experienced that period in one sense. We had ever worked in a filed, the sweat poured like rains from our face and we had ever loved someone ,lost someone. All of these came from the book. Life is an outward journey and there is not much time for us to squander, to grieve or to feel depressed. It will be spineless to give up our hope. Just like the famous sentence “Though the torches is drooping, the fire is burning up”. Even the most ordinary people

should fight for his life.

我要和你们分享我印象中的这本书《平凡的世 界》 。,无论在哪个时期,劳动的人是世界上最幸福的。 这是这本书想要告诉我们的真理。 体验生活,我们才算 真正的活着。这是一本写实的生活。有一种平凡的声 音涌入地球和宇宙。 我从这本书得到的教育意义是深刻认识到我们国家农 民的不易。 现代城市中的年轻一代很难明白这些意思, 因为他们远离真正的乡村生活。大多数人对农民的生 活,农民的思想都很陌生的。 这本书可以被视一座桥梁, 我们可以间接从这本中了解到真正的中国. .这是它的 功能。这本书呈现了一幅完整的画面,他们的快乐, 愤怒,悲伤,和农民的激情。看了这本书之后,我们可以 说我们在某种意义上经历过那段历史。我们曾经被解

雇,汗水流过双脸就像下雨天我们曾经爱上一个人,失 去了某人。所有这些来自这本书。 生命是单程旅行,我们没有太多的时间浪费,悲伤或感 到沮丧。这将会使我们懦弱的放弃希望。就像著名的 句子“火把虽然下垂,火仍燃烧”。即使是最普通的人也 应该为他的生命而战。 发出大声的口号,作为一个人类,即使濒临绝望,只 要你有一颗燃烧的心,你将被生活所爱。 世界上每个人 都应该热爱他们的工作。人可以平凡,但不能平庸。仅 仅是一个工人,用自己真诚的心去品味和体



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