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一. 图表情景作文 The table above demonstrates clearly that some remarkable changes have taken place in the past several years with regard to the number of the netizens in China. 上述表格清楚地表明,在过去几年,中国网民数量发生了显著的变化。

Based on the data provided, one can see that the number of the netizens in the countryside has been on a rapid rise all the time. 根据所给数据可以看出,农村的网民数量一直在快速增长。

In the year of 2002, the number was merely 5 million and it went sharply up to 120 million in 2010. 在 2002 年,这个数字只有 500 万,而到了 2010 年,却激增至 1.2 亿。

In the meantime the city has witnessed a steady increase as well, reaching 300 million in 2010. 同时,城市中的网民数量也在稳定增加,在 2010 年达到 3 亿。

It is of no difficulty for me to come up with some factors to account for the phenomenon. 对我来讲,想出一些原因解释该现象并不困难。

At the top of the list, with the tempo of life speeding up, the Internet has become increasingly indispensable in many people’s daily life. 首先,随着生活节奏的加快,互联网在许多人的日常生活中越来越不可或缺。

According to a recent official report, approximately 77% office workers cannot function

without the Internet. 根据最近的一份官方报告,大约 77%的办公室职员离开网络就无法办公。

In addition, we must admit that the Internet, as a highly efficient means of communication, shortens the distance between people. 此外,我们必须承认互联网是一个高效的通信工具,它缩短了人与人之间的距离。

Finally, the fact cannot be ignored that the Internet will help us keep up with the latest information, wherever we are. 最后, 不容忽视的事实是, 无论我们身处何地, 互联网都可帮助我们获取最新的信息。

Considering what has been argued so far, we can safely come to the conclusion that the trend is normal and positive. 综上所述,我们完全可以得出这样一个结论:该趋势是正常的和积极的。

And I firmly believe that it is bound to continue in the years to come. 并且我坚信这种状况必定在未来几年中会持续下去。 ====================================================================== The pie-charts above demonstrate clearly that vast changes have taken place as regards the employment of university graduates. 上述饼状图,清楚地表明,大学毕业生的就业状况已发生显著的变化

Based upon the data provided, one can see that the number of graduates who chose stateowned firms has been on a rapid decline

基于所提供的数据,人们可以看到选择国企的毕业生人数一直在快速下降。 In 1992, around 50% of graduates chose to work in state-owned firms, but the percentage went sharply down to only 15% in 2002 1992 年,大约 50%的毕业生选择在国企上班,而在 2002 年,该比例急剧降至仅 15%。

Meanwhile, the number of those who enter private firms has been on a steady rise, reaching 50% in 2002.与此同时,进入和企的毕业生数量一直在稳定上升,在 2002 年达 到 50%。

It is no difficult job to put forward some possible causes that are responsible for the phenomenon 想出一些原因来解释这一现象并不困难。

To begin with, with the rapid development of Chinese economy, private firms have become a pillar industry in China. 首先,随着中国经济的快速发展,私企在中国已变成一项支柱产业。

According to a recent Internet survey, about 70% of college students tend to think that private firms will play an increasingly significant role in the future national economy 根据最近一项网络调查,约 70%的大学生倾向于认为私企在未来国民经济中起到的作 用会越来越大。 What's more, we must admit that private firms are more flexible than state-owned firms, so graduates will enjoy more chances to get promoted 此外,我们必须承认,和企相对于国企更加灵活,因此,毕业生会享有更多升职的机 会。

Last but not the least, the fact cannot be ignored that the experience of working in private businesses may help graduates start their own enterprise some day in the future. 最后但同样重要的是,这一事实不容否认:在私企的工作经验会有助于毕业生将来自己 创业 Considering what has been discussed so far, I am inclined to think that this trend is normal. 综上所述,我倾向于认为这一趋势是正常的。

Therefore, it's not necessary for us to regard this situation with too much anxiety. 因此,我们无需为之感到过于忧虑。

负面结论: Given what I’ve argued above, so far, a sound conclusion can be drawn that this situation is nothing but a hell. And hence, immediate measures must be taken to solve the thorny problem. ================================================================== 二. 文字情景作文 These days, it has become an increasingly hot topic whether Internet can take the place of paper media. 现如今,网络是否会取代纸质媒体已成为一个日益热门的话题。

Whenever it comes to this issue, there will spring up various voices. 每当谈及此话题,总是会出现各种声音。

Some tend to view Internet as a blessing and argue that sooner or later it will replace the traditional media, while others consider the opposite. 有些人把网络视为很好的工具,认为其迟早会取代传统媒体,而其他人则观点相反。

So far as I am concerned, I am inclined to support the latter view.就我来讲,我倾向于支 持后者。

It is no difficult job for me to come up with some arguments to illustrate my standpoint. 举出一些论据证明我的观点并不困难指出.

At the top of the list, we must point out that reading too long on the Internet will do great harm to our eyes. 首先,我们必须指出,上网阅读太长时间会极大地损伤我们的视力。

Based upon an official report, nearly 55% of the kids wearing glasses are addicted to the Internet. 根据一份官方报道,将近 55%佩戴眼镜的儿童都沉溺于网络。

What's more, we must admit that information and material on the Internet are less trustworthy than paper media because they are generally offered anonymous and without any censorship. 此外,我们必须承认,由于网络上的信息资料一般都是匿名提供也没有任何审查,因 此,它们没有纸质媒体可靠。

Last but not the least, the fact cannot be ignored that paper media have their own advantages and strengths and thus their faithful readers will stick to them. 最后,不容忽视的事实是:纸质媒体也有它自身独特的优势和长处,并因此有着支持它 的忠实读者。

There is no denying the fact that people may have diverse views on the same issue, but my standpoint is clear and well founded in the foregoing discussions 不可否认,人们对于一件事情会有不同看法,但我的观点是鲜明的并且在上面的论述 中也是论据充分的.

Therefore, I believe, paper media will continue to exist in the future. 因此我相信,纸质媒体在将来会继续存在。 ==================================================================== 二.图画类作文 Looking at this cartoon, believe, every reader will sink into meditation upon its implication. I 看到这幅浸画,我相信所有读者都会对其寓意陷入沉思。

Just as is depicted in the picture, on the boat a couple of sightseers are littering garbage while touring along a river and the river has turned into an ash can" 如图所示,两名观光者一边沿河游玩,一边在抛扔垃圾,而河流却已变成一个"垃圾罐 "。 Needless to say, this drawing is meant to call attention to the phenomenon of environmental pollution. 不用说,此画的目的是要唤起人们对环境污染这一现象的关注。

It must be pointed out that the current situation is going from bad to worse at most scenic spots. 必须指出,当前大多数旅游景点的这种情形在日益恶化。

Therefore, it is high time that drastic measures were taken to reverse the worsening trend. 因此,是时候采取有力措施来扭转这一日益恶化的趋势了

First and foremost, the authorities concerned should set up stricter regulations against the pollution of tourist attractions and put them into effective practice. 首先并且最重要的是, 相关部门应针对旅游景点的污染问题制定更加严格的规章制度, 并付诸有效实施。

In other words, those earning their own profit at the expense of the environment should be punished seriously.换句话说,那些以牺牲环境为自己谋利的人应该受到严惩。

In addition, the tourists’ sense of protection of the attractions must be enhanced, which is of vital importance to the solution of this environmental problem. 此外,要增强游客们对景,但的保护意识,这对于该问题的解决至关重要。

Finally, the waste thrown by tourists should be duly cleared away. 最后,游客们扔弃的垃圾应及时予以清理。

To sum up, I am certain that the deteriorating trend could be held up through the methods suggested above.

综上所述,我确信这一恶化趋势能够通过上述方法得到遏止。 And a suitable environment will soon come back to its own. 一个宜人的环境不久将会回归。



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