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Unit1 Living well P1 Warming up

Unit 1

Living well

Words preview disability disabled hearing eyesight lap n.伤残;无力;无能 adj. 伤残的 n. 听力;听觉 n. 视力 n. 跑道的一圈;重叠部分 大腿的上方 ambition n. 雄心;野心

Words preview

ambitious dictation noisy suitable entry beneficial

adj. 有雄心的;有野心的 n. 口授; 听写 adj. 吵闹的;嘈杂的 adj. 适合的;适宜的 n. 项目;进入;入口 adj. 有益的;受益的

Warming Up
Look at the pictures below. What are their problems?

lose their left legs

lose her hearing

lose her sight

How many different types of disabilities do you know?

Types of Disabilities
blind deaf mute
can’t see can’t hear can’t speak

Physically lame can’t walk normally disabled paralytic have no feeling in a certain part of the body armless legless lose a certain part of the body handless
a very short and small person dwarf hunchback have a hump(驼峰) on the back
Mentally disabled

can’t behave properly or normally

?Do you know anyone with a mental or physical disability? ?Does their disability make it difficult for them to do some things? ?What have they tried to do to overcome these difficulties?

Do you know these people below and what disease they have? How they face their life with disabilities?

Steven Hawking

physicist / mathematician famous scientist known for his theory about black holes and big bangs: A Brief History of Time

Zhouzhou (舟舟) famous conductor born mentally disabled with an IQ of a child

Zhang Haidi (张海迪)
writer became disabled at the age of 5, taught herself English and took up writing in 1983

Ma Li Zhai Xiaowei (马丽 翟孝伟) dancer

第四届CCTV电视舞蹈大赛群众创作表 演舞蹈专场中,由残疾人马丽、翟孝伟 表演的舞蹈《牵手》令观众震撼。

Yang Guang (杨光)

though named “杨光”, he has lived in a world of darkness since he was 8 months old.

He impressed the audience at 2008 Spring Festival Gala Evening.

Beethoven musician

Beethoven's hearing gradually worsened in his twenties, yet he continued to compose, and to conduct and perform, even after he was completely deaf.

邰丽华 deaf dancer

邰丽华: 我感觉残疾不是缺陷,而是人 类多元化的一个特点,残疾不是不幸, 只是不便,其实每个人的人生都是一样 的,有圆,有缺,有满,有空,这是你 没有办法选择的,但是你可以去选择看 人生的角度,然后带着一颗快乐而感恩 的心态去面对人生的不圆满。这就是我 对生活的感悟。

千手观音 21位舞者是生活在无声 世界的聋哑人,他们平 均年龄17岁,最小的只 有13岁。 Let’s see their performance.

Light in My Darkness

Helen Keller
American educator/writer

Helen Keller became blind when she was less than 2 years old. She was deaf soon after that. He grew into a highly intelligent woman with her teacher’s help. Her most famous article Three Days to See.

Pair Work
What can you learn from them?



passion confident optimistic

courage persevere
patient strong-minded

What do you learn from these disabled? They’re broken in body but firm in spirit. (身残志坚)

Look at the pictures on page 1 and read what these people have achieved even though they each have a disability. With a partner, discuss what their disability might be.

The following list might help you.

mental disability learning difficulty
hearing problem difficulty with eyesight

brain injury
walking difficulty

loss of an arm or a leg


Suppose one day, you became disabled. How would you go on living?

Pre-reading Do want to know more about disability. Let’s get online to

Please read the family village website

The purpose of the website:
1. To give ordinary young people with a disability the chance to share their stories with others. 2. To inspire other disabled people. 3. To get non-disabled people to understand more about how challenging

life can be for people with disabilities.

Welcome to the Family Village! We are a global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support. Our community includes informational resources on specific diagnoses, communication connections, adaptive products and technology,

education, worship, health issues and literature, and much, much more! So stop in, stroll around, and visit some of the Family Village's attractions. Simply click on a place to explore and discover an useful information! Let us know what you like and visit often, for our village is constantly changing.

After reading the website “Family village”, discuss with a partner what kind of things you think people write about. The Family Village website gives ordinary people with a disability the chance to tell their personal stories. These stories are very positive and describe the satisfying lives these young people live even though they have some difficulties. Other disabled people find the website beneficial because

they can read about people with similar difficulties to their own. The website is also a way for non-disabled people to understand more about how challenging life can be for people with disabilities.

1. Look up the new words and expressions of the reading in the dictionary. 2. Preview the reading: Marty’s Story

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