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B4 U2 using language

?to fertilize the soil ?to make fruit, vegetables and other food full of much nutrition



How many kinds of fertilizers do farmers use?
chemical fertilizers natural fertilizers

chemical fertilizers

natural fertilizers

chemical farming

organic farming

Organic farming is simply farming without using any chemicals.

Para 1

Over the past half century, using chemical fertilizers has become very fact / phenomenon common in farming. Many farmers welcomed them as a great way to stop crop disease and increase production. Recently, however, scientists have problem Recently, however, scientists have been been finding that long-term use of finding that long-term use of these these fertilizers can cause damage fertilizers can cause damage to theto the land and, even more dangerous, land and, even more dangerous, to to people's people's health. health.

Para 2

Find the topic sentence.

What are some of the problems caused by chemical fertilizers?
First, they damage the land by killing the helpful bacteria and pests as well as the harmful ones.

Chemicals also stay in the ground and underground water for a long time. In addition, fruit, vegetables and other food grown with chemical fertilizers usually grow too fast to be full of much nutrition. Connecting words

Para 3

Find the topic sentence.

With these discoveries, some farmers and many customers are beginning to turn to organic farming. What are the advantages of organic farming?

They feel that this makes the soil in their fields richer in minerals and so more fertile. This also keeps the air, soil, water and crops free from chemicals.

Para 4

Find the topic sentence.

Organic farmers also use many other methods to keep the soil fertile. ① They often change the kind of crop… for example,… as well as… to grow good food and ② Organic farmers also plant crops to use avoid damaging the The same goal: different levels of soil, for example ,… environment or people ’s health. ③ Some organic farmers prefer planting grass between crops to prevent wind or water from carrying away the soil…

The structure of this passage
The type of the article exposition (说明文) is_____________________.


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